Winter warmers at Agency Barracuda

There are only a few things in life that cause a Londoner to raise his/her eyebrows and one of them is snow. Snow doesn’t often fall in London and when it does it doesn’t get to stay around very long. In the city we feel as if we are impervious to the weather , except of course, rain so when we see photos in the media of the rest of the country being whitewashed, we tend to ignore it and concentrate on how to get home in a tube strike.

Funnily enough, yesterday saw a fresh tube strike going ahead so you have probably already ha the week from hell so to make matters worse, forecasters are predicting that we could actually have snow in London on Friday! If you have any spare leave you can take, the suggestion would be to take it and cut your losses and enjoy a long weekend!

Of course, any snow in London is not likely to be heavy however, given the fact that our infrastructure cannot bar anything more than a touch of drizzle it is bound to impact on all of us causing travel misery everywhere. Of course, at Agency barracuda, our best advice would be to simply stay at home and ensure you have plenty planned to keep you warm and occupied. It is handy that this is likely on a Friday so it could just be a blessing in disguise. You get the extended weekend plus the perfect excuse to book one of our beauties to keep you warm in the frosty conditions.

Whilst you might wonder how our stunning London escorts get about during all the various rail and transport action and strikes. Most of our ladies are happy to use taxi and car services and always ensure that they leave in plenty of time to get to their appointments when expected. Where a client is expecting to spend time with them at a hotel in London, we have plenty of beauties who live close by and can even walk to the encounter. There is little that gets in the way of our clients having fun!

We have a full complement of beauties available for your booking pleasure tomorrow although if the weather does take a turn for the worse overnight tonight then we would recommend that clients make their bookings with as much advance notice as possible. We often receive last minute calls from gents who suddenly decide that the effort of fighting through the traffic is too much and given the fact that it will be Friday we expect to see plenty of people choosing to ‘work from home’.

As you can see from our gallery we have a number of stunning London escorts who are guaranteed to melt any frost or snow. Many of our stunners originally come from Russia and other Eastern European countries that regularly deal with much worse winter conditions than our so to continue with their outcalls is not a problem at all.  Why not give us a call and turn your snow day into a Yo! Day. Call Agency barracuda on 07912673063

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