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Bluetooth embedded sex toy

Smartphone wireless remote control clitoral wearables.

Picture yourself, two lovely ladies in your arms, the night is still but a baby sleeping in its cradle and as you know at agency barracuda the night is young no matter what the time is.
There is no need to look at your timepiece other than to appreciate the gold craftsmanship, for tonight time is of no essence. If you feel a tad reckless then it is justifiable, who wouldn’t feel on top of the world knowing what you know.

Nestled in the lady parts of your lovely companions are discreet vibrating egg shaped toys that will stimulate their clitorises and you are in control. As the three of you casually amble over to the bar you hear the sharp intake of breath and feel nails dig into your arm as you send shockwaves of pleasure through the nether regions of your lady friends by simple activation via your mobile.
What wicked fun you have as you lead your London escort kittens on and make them purr at will.

Yes the night is young and so are these open minded girls. Playing cat and mouse is such a delicious game that requires patience and self-control and you secretly wonder how long you will be able to keep it up before you succumb to the temptation of taking the young escorts home with you. You know to resist though because when the moment finally draws upon you it is going to be spectacular.

The sense of control is greatly satisfying and you can increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations at will causing your bewitching London escorts to be ever so attentive to you. You can feel the electric vibration as you fondle the ass of the girl you are dancing with and you imagine how the little pink device is driving her mad where it is hiding deep inside her. She pushes up against you and your, by now very attentive member picks up on the buzz, she smiles knowingly.

Feeling just a tad smug and very pleased with yourself, you think how the girls made fun of you for suggesting the wearables when you picked them up. They so picked up on your initial shyness and soon the teasing turned in to all round fun and excitement as the full implication of the bluetooth sex toys sunk in. Your early fear about the appropriateness of toys were soon waylaid and you appreciate the professionalism of the gorgeous London escorts. Clearly, this is not the first time that either one of your companions are playing this game.

It takes all you have not to jump the gun at this stage and you know that teasing is the part that will reward itself tenfold later on, so you order another round of drinks and tone the vibrations down a notch. At idle speed or hardly any vibration at all the gorgeous young bisexual London escorts are as relaxed as tigers on a hunt as they feign innocence. You take your mobile from your pocket and casually place it on the table with your drinks. Never before have you seen such eager alertness and hungry focus. Suddenly you are very aware of who the mouse is in this game.

You have to feed the pussycats or they will jump you right here in public and if all truth be told, you would welcome it, Mmm another time perhaps. “Let’s call that Uber, shall we ” you suggest and reach for the world’s most desirable mobile.

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