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We all know that getting up in the morning can be somewhat of a struggle, especially during those cold winter months.  Luckily for us however, we have various delicious blends of coffee available to us which give us that wakeup call we all need. What would happen though if suddenly our supply of caffeine was stopped? Well apparently, this could actually happen! A report recently published by The Climate Institute has declared that if global warming continues at its current rate, our much needed and much loved hot drink will be extinct by 2080! With rising temperatures set to wreck the farmland used for making coffee and an increasing amount of fungi and pests, the process of diminishing our coffee beans will begin 2050 as by this time, over half of the world’s farming land will not be able to produce coffee! Whilst this is already a truly dreadful scenario, it also means that thousands of people will be out of work. So, it is time to do your part for the environment!

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