So you’re obeying all the government guidelines for the Covid-19 “Lockdown” and staying in to save lives etc…..

You’ve been at work, virtually, since 9.30 this morning, dress down Friday and every other day of the week except when you have to wear a collared shirt for those pesky Zoom meetings with the 20 odd others in the management team in various stages of grooming and those annoying lags when people take turns to have their say.

Clocking off…

You sign off from your office VPN at 5 o’clock sharp. The sun is shining so you go out for your once a day walk/jog around the block to get some fresh air. Then a quick shower and sit down for a well earned cool larger from the fridge and sign onto your personal VPN on your laptop.

Go through the usual motions, check emails, Facebook, the Gram, any new videos on the YouTube subscribers list. Then onto your bookmarked list of websites, which has a few London Escort Agencies. It’s been a while since you looked, since before the lockdown, so why not, just a quick look.


So you see that some of the London Escort beauties are still around, a couple you have met before and have been very pleased with and a brace of new ones, a couple of whom look very enticing. Afterall, it’s been 4 weeks…..

Many of these adventurous london escorts are a turn on. Blonde or brunette, busty and slim, pouting at the camera giving you that look. But no, it’s not an essential trip although you can almost convince yourself that it is bloody essential.

Do you flout the lockdown? Maybe she can come to you, so you can “stay in”.


What if there is another way? Some girls have been offering “virtual meetings”.
With Zoom of course, or WhatApp/Skype.

Pros: you can see the girl of your choosing, no risk of transmission or flouting the law, quite a bit cheaper.

Cons: Obviously you’ll have to take care of yourself, with some help. Lots of tissues……

What would you do?

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