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Duo Gallery

They say that two is company and three is a crowd however at Barracuda’s London escorts agency when you enjoy a tryst with our duos and trios it is more the merrier as our clients will confirm. We have a number of beautiful London escorts who are more than keep to hook up as a threesome or a foursome and see where the fun takes them and for clients looking for the ultimate thrill a duo or a trio is the final destination in pleasure. Whilst not all of our duo and trio escorts are bisexual – let’s face it, all of the attention will be on the client so bisexuality is usually not necessary, for those who like a show and want everyone to have their own spotlight we do have bisexual escorts who are available too.

Our duo escorts and our trio escorts have a wonderful sense of timing and they also have no problems sharing. They seem to have a sixth sense in working together to make your encounter the most enjoyable and smooth tryst you ever enjoy. Why reserve yourself for just a single escort when you could extend your charms to two or more escorts at the same time? Not only intimate and private encounters, our duo escorts are perfect for those wanting to party and to make the most show stopping entrance with  a stunner on each arm our duo escorts are idea. Trios are more appropriate for private trysts and the chance to enjoy a date like  no other is only available through this type of booking.

As you can see from our gallery of gorgeous London escorts who offer duos we have taken all the hard work out of the process and matched those escorts who work best together in either duos or trios. Lots of London escort agencies state that their escorts offer duos however it is up to the client to pick which escorts he would like to spend time with. Unfortunately, as with all aspects of life, not everyone gels together and so we have removed the possibility for any issues and matched each of our duo escorts with those ladies with whom they make the perfect pairing. Our trios are equally as well matched and a fantastic encounter can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our duo escorts and our trio escorts offer as much variety as possible and so it is possible for clients to enjoy a date mixing it up with blondes, brunettes, petite, tall, busty, mature and young escorts. Very much like opening all your Christmas presents at once, a date with our gloriously gorgeous elite duo escorts in london and our sensational trio escorts in London will be one that you will want to repeat time and again. Given the fact that we have many different pairings, the choice is limitless in terms of the girls you can enjoy your time with. Why not call Agency barracuda and make a date you will never forget with our bisexual london escorts or our trio london escorts.

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