Staycation London

Staycation… A place to visit in our great city of London.

It’s been almost nine and a half months since I arrived in London to start working as part of our companies program to expand and since I have been here all that I have seen of the city, has been, the office, my apartment, and a few pubs and restaurants. Ever since my arrival, it has been a matter of nose to the preverbal grinding stone. If I was a woman, I could have been knocked up and given birth in all the time I’ve been here. Setting up the office and getting everything operational has in many ways been like giving birth, certainly has been bloody painful enough.

Anyway, come last week Friday, the boss calls me in and tells me great job Brain, done yourself proud. He gives me a decent bonus and a week’s R&R. Damn nice of the bloke, not that I did not work my ass off for it though. At first, I thought of going home to visit mom and dad, but then, following a few pints, I said to my self, why not take a bit of a holiday here in London, do the tourist thing, see the sights, go and meet some people.

Come Saturday and I went and bought the London Pass, it’s not half-bad, I went all over the place, Westminster abbey, houses of Parlement, Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben, I had a couple of beers at the Shard and realized just how shitty it is doing sightseeing on your lonesome. I mean all these people are with friends, lovers or family and there I was drinking expensive ale in a fancy pub with no one to talk to.
Not wanting to go all blue on myself, I decided to get myself laid, no matter what it takes. It’s been bloody months of nothing but frickin work.

It is ridiculous, I have been celibate for longer than a priest between confessions. WTF, how did this happen. I had a few more brews, not at the Shard mind, it’s just stupid paying tourist dough for a brew when I can go to my local and get plastered for a quarter of the price.

After a quick search on my mobile, I found Bisexual London Escorts, London Escort Agency & Top London Escorts and armed with this information, I was ready for the remainder of my “staycation”. The way I saw it, it would be a much more sensible way of spending my hard-earned bonus, it certainly would stop me from feeling sorry assed about being on my own.

Once my mind was set everything fell into place and my week, that on Saturday last nearly had me feeling as miserable as a stray dog turned out to be just the fix that I needed. Having a pregnant amount of caching up to do, I waisted no more time affecting interest in dusty architecture and the crown jewels, there is plenty of time for that yet.

Not that I didn’t get to see some of Londons finest treasures and believe me what I got to see was any day just as sparkling as the Queen’s diamonds, it’s just that it is a better kept secrete. As for improving my knowledge and experience of what London has on offer, what do you think?
From now on I will take better care of myself and between the heavenly angels from Top London Escorts and the unbelievable threesome possibilities that are on offer at Bisexual London Escorts I will have to make special arrangements to schedule in a time to include London Escort Agency into my itinerary.

Come Monday morning when I walk back into the office, it will be with a greater purpose in my stride.

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