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Fapping at work

*NSFW* well, depends what your work is really I guess. This is likely to cause a ‘mass-debate’ but apparently fapping at work is the new smoke break. – see what we did there? No, ok. Let us explain.

Fapping is the word for  a quick wank sesh and apparently the folks over at Ravishly have decided that this is a brilliant way to boost output and creativity (boost output as in work related output obviously) in the workplace. Where people would pop out for a quick smoke, now people should be allowed to ‘pop one out’ instead. The report even goes as far as saying that up to 40% of New York workers regularly admit to masturbating whilst on the job. Of course we are assuming that they are referring to office workers since we can guarantee that other work places can hit 100% every day *winks*

Joking aside, there you were wishing that you worked for Google with their nap rooms and games tables and all the while New Yorkers were getting their tension relieved elsewhere. In your face Google! The science actually agrees with this fact since it does relieve tension and stress and could also be used as a personal motivational tool for getting stuff done before doing yourself. The result could be a more focused workplace with less aggression and higher productivity although it might kill off the handshake and certainly this wouldn’t apply to anyone working in a restaurant!

Of course, timing could be an issue. You might feel under pressure to orgasm quickly so that you are not missed from your desk for too long and the ability to enjoy your self loving privately and quietly would of course be an expectation. Some experts believe that allowing fapping breaks might also see sexual harassment become a bigger problem in the work place where staff start to fantasise about colleagues and blur the formal lines. Despite being an escort agency, we are not sure that this would actually be a great idea in practice. Self loving and shared loving are things that we associate with our leisure time. Belting one off in the bathroom in record time is not conducive to pleasure, release yes, but pleasure no. Imagine the sense of frustration if you are interrupted or worse, simply cannot focus enough to climax. Its quite difficult to time the vibrator to be in sync with the hand dryer ( so we are told).  There are plenty of people who cannot get back into work mode after having a crunchie at tea break let alone anything else!

Whilst all this is great fun to debate and discuss, one might prefer to separate the two things, work and pleasure from each other. With some work colleagues, you really don’t want to start wondering what they are up to when they disappear from their desk and it may lead you to want to wear gloves at all times, just incase. Of course this is all just an every day occurrence for us and now you know why we have been thumbing our noses at Google employees for years! *mutters* Nap rooms, lame!

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