Two and a half minutes to midnight!

If you are still basking in the romantic afterglow of valentine’s day by the 16th February then you are either very much in love or the ‘Mysterious Universe’ prediction is right and we have been struck by an asteroid. This latest Doomsday theory states that a massive asteroid is set to hit earth on that day causing the death of our planet. The asteroid apparently comes from a planetary system called Nibiru, the same place that the Annunaki live. These are the beings that are attributed with the creating of human life. If this is all news to you then that’s because conspiracy theorists state that there is a pact between Russia and western governments to conceal the existence of the planet, the beings and their determination to end life on earth! Well, that explains that then!

Every year there seems to be a new doomsday prediction, and this year is no exception. Today the organisation managing the ‘doomsday clock’ have announced that they have moved the ‘time’ to 2.5 minutes to midnight. The clock is a universal indicator of the world’s vulnerability to catastrophe. The closest it has ever been to midnight was in 1953 when the USA created the hydrogen bomb. With the ‘time’ set to two and a half minutes to the witching hour of midnight, scientists seem to think that this is the greatest chance of exterminating our planet than ever before, perhaps they know more about this asteroid than they are letting on!

Most of us will probably simply get on with our lives, even in the face of this terrifying news. The snow will still fall tomorrow and most likely further tube strikes will be planned but if you want to make absolutely sure you get to enjoy your last few weeks on earth, while it still exists, we recommend that the best way to do that would be to enjoy a tryst with any of our sensual and erotic London escorts. If the worst is set to happen, might as well make the earth move in the right way!

If the Annunaki are to be credited with the creation of the human race then they should be applauded for their choice of beauties. If our gallery of stunning companions is anything to go by then the female of that species must be something really special. Perhaps it won’t be such a bad thing if they do decide to invade us!

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