Build a Bunker

If you thought that 2016 was bad, it is about to get a great deal worse if the predictions of an Italian Nostradamus are to be believed. Matteo Tafuri died in 1582 but before his death he predicted that two consecutive days of snow in the town of Salento would be the first sign of an impending apocalypse however given the usually warm climate of this Italian area, he has had to wait nearly 500 years for it to come to pass. A couple of days ago saw the very first time ever that Salento enjoyed two consecutive days of snow so of course all the doomsayers have had a field day on social media.

Tafuri does not state in what capacity this apocalypse will take, to most people of that time we would imagine just the way we live our lives would be seen as apocalyptic but of course we have to give the doom mongers something to plan for!

Hollywood does love an ‘end of world as we know it’ scenario and there have been plenty of films made which show the impending end of the earth. All we need is a hero with a beautiful girlfriend to save the day and we’ll all be alright. Could you be that hero or would you prefer to simply enjoy the last few hours you have remaining in some excellent company. At our London escort agency we certainly have the right companionship that will ensure your absolute satisfaction right to the end and even if some new ‘James Bond type’ saves the day then you can still say you spend the last few hours doing what you thoroughly enjoy. Everyone’s a winner.

If the writings of Tafuri have unsettled you then do remember that in the middle ages, there was not such an understanding in changing weather patterns across the earth and climate change. They did not realise that places that are deserts now were one lush tropical forests and lands which are now green and pleasant were once icy places without any habitation so if it has taken 500 years to have 2 days of snow, in December, in a usually warm area of the world then it is not quite the message of impending doom it was written as. Plus the fact that these were the same people who burnt ginger haired people at the stake because they were ‘demons of the devil’. So forgive us if we don’t take it too seriously but with regards to having an excuse to spend an hour or so in some sexy company then go right ahead and use it as your raison d’etre.

Our London escort agency has plenty of stunning companions to spend time with. We even have amazing red haired beauties that you might like to date, just to thumb your nose at Tafuri. Our red heads could be the ‘she-devil’ you are looking for as they certainly have the passion and sensual awareness that will lead you on a path of debauchery, but then isn’t that exactly what you are looking for?

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