Would you use a GuyFi?

Forget Back to the future, the real soothsaying Hollywood film was in fact ‘Barbarella’ which featured Jane Fonda all those years ago. Slightly erotic (‘slightly’ by today’s standards) the film featured public masturbation booths where men could de-stress in the middle of street with only a flimsy curtain between the public and their modesty. Fast forward to 2016 and it seems that city officials think this was a good idea as new ‘guyFi’ booths have sprung up all over Manhattan for precisely this reason!

Apparently all a guy needs is a little bit of privacy , some free wifi and a bench in order to de-stress and *ahem* relieve the tension. Before you guys get all excited, this is highly unlikely to take off in London and our very own stressed city workers will have to content themselves with public toilets or perhaps even contain themselves until they meet with their chosen London escort.

At Agency Barracuda we know that working in the city can increase tension and lead to all manner of stress related illnesses and that is why our beautiful escort girls in the city are there to provide a calming and fun approach to making things so much better. If you have a date with any of our London escorts your daily commute into the city becomes positively enthralling at the thought of what lies ahead when you meet the gorgeous girl of your choice. How excited are you likely to get at the thought of getting jiggy in a public booth with the possibility of passing shoppers braking your concentration at any time? Our clients in London prefer a much more private approach to their own relief and our stunning london escorts provide exactly that.

Given that temperatures in Manhattan at the moment are much lower than ours in London we would have thought that exposing your crown jewels with nothing to protect them from the elements was a sure fire way to lose the enthusiasm anyway! Much better to get your rocks off in the warm and sensual surroundings of a luxury London flat and the erotic companionship of one of our deliciously beautiful London escorts. That’s just us though!

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