We had Ghosting, now Benching

This brave new world needs to have a new catchphrase every week it seems and this week the one we need to learn is ‘Benching’. Nothing like ‘cottaging’  (always think of cottage cheese – nasty!) or ‘dogging’, it  actually refers to when someone you like distances themselves from you by not actually sticking to your arranged dates but still sends flirty messages to keep you on the hook. With so many dating options available today the chance to meet so many new people is extensive and there are many who may be considered as Benchers simply because they want to keep you on hook whilst looking for a ‘better option’. Our advice – don’t get Benched. The minute it looks like someone is pulling away but still keeping you dangling on the hook – cut yourself free and find someone else.

Our very own beautiful London escorts never renege on a date. They never Bench their clients and can always be relied upon to fulfil their dates. When you are in the company of any of our sensational London escorts you will feel like the only man in the world as all their focus and energies are on you and your needs. You will feel like you are the  very centre of the universe when in their company so why settle for anything less?

It can be quite overwhelming when such a breathtaking beauty is obviously interested in you to the exception of all around you. Lots of our clients have never been made to feel this way before and so it changes the way that they look at everything. A greater sense of self worth is priceless and this is something that our high class companions can ensure that you experience every time you are with them.  Why not experience something thrilling and exhilarating and book a date with our elite London escorts now.

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