Watch the time!

For certain people Christmas and birthdays can be a bit of a bore. When you already have everything , family members dread the anniversaries and the times when gifts need to be given. The choice becomes more and more limited as each year passes unless of course you have a never ending budget to let the imagination soar. One company is offering a helping hand as it unveils its additional car option of a solid gold Breitling clock for a mere £110,000. If you happen to have a Bentley then this beautiful added extra would sit nicely on the dashboard and is so much more in keeping than those horrid digital clocks we see everywhere. If that wasn’t enough owners can choose whether they prefer a rose gold or white gold finish on their timepiece.

Excellence is something for which we all strive although few have the pockets deep enough to achieve it although even if you cannot treat yourself to a genuine Swiss Breitling wristwatch let alone for one in your car, our European escorts in London could be the next best thing. Of course our Swiss escorts and also our European escort girls are always on time and manage to do so without the use of an incredibly expensive watch however like the intricate mechanisms of the watch they are indeed a thing of beauty that one would wish to preserve and savour for a long time. That is why we thoroughly recommend that clients book for as long as possible, ideally longer than a single hour just so that they get the time to fully appreciate the scale of the escorts beauty and talents. No-one likes to rush and even if you are not clock watching throughout your encounter you want to enjoy an unhurried and relax tryst with the European escort of your choice. At Agency Barracuda it is all possible so just call and ask for our European escorts.

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