Tinder on remote

Everyone loves Tinder. All those possible dates, all those chances to connect and of course all those tired old one liners. Despite being the butt of most jokes, Tinder has certainly given us plenty of stories to tell our friends, both hilarious and shocking but now they have gone that one step further – perhaps a little too far in some people’s estimation. Tinder (and grindR) for that matter have been invited to join up with OhMiBod (you know,  the remote sex toy company). They have the technology that allows your sex toy to be controlled remotely by someone else using the app, so when you match with someone on tinder, you could ‘connect’ with them and you could have them controlling your orgasms without ever having to meet! Nifty!

Problem is, Tinder is trying to move away from its ‘hook up’ reputation towards one of true love.hey want to be the byword in long lasting relationships so being able to control a complete strangers sex toy is probably  not the way they want to move forward however it could certainly be a great way to find out if your match is ‘the one’. If they can’t even bring you off with a vibrator, then surely they are not the one for you?

Sex toys are great fun. They can add a new and exciting dimension to your flirting. They are actually named as the UKs most popular fetish – although given the fact that they are so mainstream, should they even be considered a fetish anymore anyway – aren’t they just the norm? Our ladies love these toys, they allow for a certain amount of sensual freedom and new ways to enjoy pleasure in company and alone so why not hook them up to your phone (not literally) and take it that step further?

There are of course plenty of sexy toys on the market that allow for long distance loving but these require the users to already know each other first. Ohmibod is a new type of tech that only requires an account on tinder, they work with the app already and don’t require any additional tech – seems clever to us, although there must be a way to only choose when you want it working – could be awkward in many different situations!

People in general are becoming far more open to new ways to have sensual fun. We are seeing ourselves in the requests that our clients are making. We’ve not  had anyone want to connect remotely though and whilst this may be an idea or a service that we offer in the future we have no plans at the moment. We are still firm believers in face to face contact as the best way to enjoy an erotic and sensual encounter although there is nothing to say that the excitement cant be prolonged with a more remote arrangement afterwards. For that first initial encounter why not browse our gallery of gorgeous London escorts and make that call to request a date at your earliest possible convenience. Get a buzz the old fashioned way with a tryst with one of our gorgeous London escorts.

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