Sunday Funday

With so much happening this Easter Sunday you would be forgiven for forgetting that it is also the date of the annual Boat race along The Thames. Oxford and Cambridge – does no-one else have a boat? Are pitched against each other as they have since 1829 and now attracts over a quarter of a million spectators. The best places to see the race is anywhere between Putney and Mortlake so don’t get an early spot by Westminster as you’ll just end up looking silly and missing the race entirely. There are plenty of pubs which line the river and will give an excellent view of the race although do expect to get there early if you want to grab a seat and perhaps have a few drinks in already as once the race ends on the river, the race to the bar begins!

Our beautiful South London escorts are ideal companions to spend the afternoon with, especially since you have an extra day off on Monday this year. The boat race falls within the Easter Weekend so a lovely relaxing day by the river is a perfect way to spend the afternoon. After which you can go back to your hotel room together and decide which team had the longest and most powerful strokes!

Do remember that the men’s race starts at 4.10 pm, with the women’s race starting an hour earlier. The clocks go forward an hour on Saturday night so do bear that in mind when booking your date, perhaps you can enjoy a leisurely pub lunch first and then stay on to watch the historic annual races or perhaps give the crowds a miss altogether and practice your strokes in the privacy of your home or hotel room, in the very best company of course!  Call now and enjoy a date with any of our high class London escorts who incidentally (if you know rhyming slang) have the best ‘boat-races’ in the business!

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