Stereotypes and Dominance

If it is not enough that we stereotype others based on their looks and actions apparently it seems that we also do the same based on their eating habits. Research just out this week reveals that people subconsciously deem vegetarian men as less masculine than their carnivorous peers and this is right across the board with both men and women agreeing (for once) in a study that was conducted in Indiana USA. Not only were these men seen as less masculine but they were also deemed to be more submissive and less dominant too.

Perhaps it is just a case of men who choose not to eat anything with a face are more gentler and in touch with their feminine side or perhaps they simply choose to exert their dominance elsewhere and in other ways. At Agency Barracuda we have a number of BDSM escorts who are always eager to enjoy the more twisted and kinky liaison. If clients feel that they would like to enjoy an encounter where they were completely in control of a beautiful young woman or even if they preferred to have the lady of their choice impose her will upon them then our naughty and adventurous young ladies will be more than suitable.

Whilst we have never made it a point to ask our clients if they are meat eaters or not we have found that those who take on a more responsible role in their lives, either through their work or personal life tend to enjoy the chance to let their submissive side free from time to time. Likewise those who feel controlled in various aspects of their lives, either by personal restrictions or just a lack of opportunity to express themselves like to take on a more dominant role with our BDSM escorts and definitely all of our clients like to let their imaginations run free and experiment with all sorts of different ways to please and be pleased.

It is worth pointing out that there did not seem to be any prejudice against those who could not eat meat for allergy or medical reasons but only those who chose not to eat meat mind you, there might be a few more herbivores around this week given that Starbucks had had to recall all their Turkey and stuffing Panini’s in the light of an E.coli outbreak. With a huge number of people being taken ill there may be many more who avoid contact with Chicken for a while but at least these temporary vegans will not fall fowl (pun intended) of those who would judge their masculinity because of it.

Dominant women are highly desirable to most men. Their confidence, open mindedness and lack of inhibitions is very attractive and perhaps because many men are expected to take the lead, our Domination escorts have become so popular. Being a dominant London escort is about more than being bossy, it is about taking control and earning the trust and respect of your submissive partner. Of course there has to be an understanding and certain boundaries set from the beginning but there always needs to be a trust in both the escort and the client that when the absolute limit is reached, the choice of the submissive will be respected.

At Agency Barracuda you will find that all those London escorts who enjoy domination or BDSM encounters are extremely respectful and careful to enjoy their dates within the boundaries and expectations agreed with their companions. After all that spent energy you will need some sustenance – ham sandwich anyone?

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