Soap in your eye?

Buzzfeed has some wonderful ideas when it comes to bedroom imaginations however their most recent has raised a few eyebrows. It may be the case that they are in collaboration with Dove or maybe they feel that the nation’s men are not clean enough but whatever the reason, the suggestion that a bar of soap should be used as a ‘masturbation hack for men’ is not appealing for anyone.

Certainly, our ladies will now be checking the soap dish in every household they visit for the tell-tale centre cut-out, although why anyone would want to save it to use the next morning is anyone’s guess. It does seem though that advertising agencies are trending towards cock rings with their products. The new Dyson hair dryer, the one with a hole in the middle, was advertise with the slogan ‘men, just don’t put your willy in it’ in many other countries around the world – Not in England because we wouldn’t dream of doing that, would we? It all begs the question, is there a world shortage of cock rings that household items are now doubling up as self-loving aids? Or is it simply a case of shock tactics. It seems the sexy woman in the shower to promote said bar of soap is not enough anymore, and that is a shame.

That being said, our stunning London escorts love to lather up and they don’t require a hole in the soap to do so. Just some company perhaps. Showering together is a great way to add a new dimension to your fun as a couple and leaves you feeling fresh and invigorated for the rest of the day.

When a client books some time with any of our London escorts we expect that he should be no stranger to the humble bar of soap although perhaps not in the way that Buzzfeed expect. Cleanliness is attractive and paves the way to a more enjoyable encounter, although it has been known that an encounter would be refused entirely if the shower had been avoided for a while!

Anyone that spends time with our sensual and sophisticated London escorts knows that they spend a great deal of time ensuring that they are perfect for every date and we expect the same level of consideration from our clients. We do understand however that when coming straight from a gruelling meeting or after a lengthy travel, arriving freshly showered is not always possible. This is where the hotel en-suite comes into its own and let’s not forget that it is a truly sexy look, stepping from the shower with dripping hair with just a towel to protect one’s modesty!

Clients who regularly spend time with our high class London escorts have no need for ‘hacks’ of any kind. Whilst promotions and stories such as these are amusing, one does have to wonder at the imaginations and creativity of those who come up with them. Perhaps a brief call to the offices of Buzzfeed might be in order to introduce them to the delights of loving with another person rather than the delights of soap on a rope!

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