S.W.A.G. – She wants a gentleman

There has been much written in the news this week about gentlemanly behaviour. Not a day has passed or a periodical perused that hasn’t mentioned how to spot one, how to find out whether you are one or how to become one. The esoteric gentleman it seems, has gone out of fashion and ‘the complete lad’ has replaced him.

Gentlemen clients at our London Escort Agency

At Agency Barracuda we are lucky enough to deal with what must be the last remaining gentlemen in London as all our clients display all the qualities we would expect, ensuring that they enjoy an upscale, pleasurable encounter. Our stunning escorts in London are high quality companions and so expect to share their private time with gentlemen of equal status. Gentlemanly behaviour has moved on since the turn of the century when women were seen as helpless beings, unable to negotiate a door without assistance. Nowadays a gentleman is considered so for a variety of different reasons and all of them centre around respect for others and the ability to be confident about his own choices yet happy to share in those of others’.

Ladies respond to gents.

At Agency Barracuda, you will notice that all of our stunning London escorts are exceptionally beautiful however there is so much more to these divine damsels than their outward appearance. Witty, intelligent and a wonderful sense of adventure all combine to ensure our valued clients enjoy the ultimate girl friend experience in the city. Good manners are the things that come naturally to a true gent and whilst times may have changed since the turn of the century, the old Public schoolboy mantra for gentlemanly conduct remains true. Respect, courtesy and generosity. A real gentleman never gives offence unintentionally but when he does so, he does it with panache. Every girl loves to enjoy some private time with a real gent and a gentleman will know that the best dates come about when a woman is encouraged to feel her very best.

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