Pop Idol

Idolation has reached new heights of desperation with the news that Justin Bieber fans have paid over $2000 to have their photo taken with a cardboard cut out of their pop star. Yes, cardboard. Apparently meet and greets in person make the pop sensation ‘sad’ so he had placed a cardboard cut-out of himself as a stand in. This could actually be a very bad move on his behalf as fans have not really noticed the difference in personality. The singing is better too. Those proudly uploading their snaps to social media have been on the nasty end of abuse and ridicule, which, really what else would you expect?

Happily at Agency Barracuda we understand that our clients expect, and rightly deserve a little more interaction although with some escort agencies in London one would be forgiven for thinking that some of their ladies are indeed  made of cardboard. No such worries at our high class escort agency as our beauties are engaging, fun and flirty and very much  in the flesh.  They probably sing better than Bieber too – although that’s just a guess!

Stardom has reached new lows with fans seemingly willing to take whatever these so called ‘stars’ throw at them. Luckily at Agency Barracuda we have a great deal more respect for  our clients, and our high class escorts and ensure that our ladies are every bit as fun and adventurous as our clients desire. You can certainly count on full engagement during your date as our ladies are open indeed, warm and passionate and above all animated!  The secret to a great date is interaction and unlike those poor souls who paid rather a lot of money to purchase VIP status, at Agency Barracuda we treat all our clients as VIPs as standard.  No comparison really! As the man himself says ‘Sorry’. Let’s hope he means it!

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