Payday playtime!

The last Friday of the month is usually payday for a great many people and given that this is the first payday since the excesses of Christmas, it is a date that many people have been longing for! Tonight is likely to be a busy night in town centre’s across the country as people emerge from their month long hibernation raring to have fun after scrimping and scraping all month.

Just Opened London  is a new website where you can find details of all the new restaurants, bars and clubs that have recently started trading and offer a wealth of information about everything on offer and what you can expect from the new ventures. Going out to a newly established business has it’s good and bad points. Of course there are likely to be more snags in a newly opened venture as the creases have yet to be ironed out however the benefits certainly outweigh this in the fact that owners are much more likely to want to bend over backwards to get those all important good reviews and build up their reputation. Once a company already has a great reputation, it is not unusual for some sloppy practices to kick in due to complacency. This is of course not something you would ever find with our high class London escort agency as we always treat our clients with the utmost respect and pay the greatest attention to detail in every aspect of our clients’ dates.

As we regularly have new and exciting London escorts join us all the time clients always spend time with new and enthusiastic stunners. For them , it is like the first time, every time and this always ensures that our London escort agency is fresh and appealing to both our clients and our escorts. So, it is Payday Friday – what are you going to do with your weekend?

London has been at the forefront of the pop-up for a couple of years now. These are business ideas that people run with to see how popular they are. If there is a great reception for them, then they make the idea permanent. We also see lots of celebrity and award winning chefs make guest appearances at high class London restaurants for limited times. Those who appreciate their style, quality and offerings always rush to ensure they don’t miss out on these limited bookings and the restaurant is always seen as a buzzing location, very much in demand.

At the Gherkin this month, they host a 1 month residency for Masterchef star Monica Galetti and it is said that bookings are almost filled so if fine food and fine wine are on your list of pleasures now that you can once again afford them then this is the place to head to. Of course you will want to sine in the best company and so our beautiful London escorts are the ideal companions with whom to share a dinner date. Given that the Gherkin offers exceptional views over London, both day and nightscapes are spectacular this is certainly a great idea for something to enjoy this weekend. Of course given that you will seated across from one of our high class and elite London escorts their own beauty will rival that of the city so perhaps you would unlikely to fully appreciate the location of your date!

Indeed, given that we are known as one of the busiest escort agencies in London, many International escorts who visit our city request that we represent them for the limited time they are in London. Like the pop-up restaurants and entertainment venues, our visiting escorts are available for a limited time and so should be booked with haste.

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