Not so fast at Holborn……!

London is known for its politeness and wonderful ability to queue throughout the world so imagine the (quiet) fury of Holborn station passengers this week when they were told that the age old etiquette of standing on the right of the escalator was being scrapped in favour of standing still on both left and right sides. Complete confusion and outright rage instilled with passengers not knowing where to stand and holding up everyone trying to get onto and off of the platforms. Apparently this is TfL new way of ‘getting the people moving’ by erm.. making them stand still.

If you are resigned to tube travel every day in order to live your life you will know that being able to sprint up or down the escalator on the left hand side has save you many a millisecond and even been the difference between catching and missing that last train home. Having to stand and wait for the elderly machinery to haul you to the top of the station or indeed the bottom is reserved for, well, the elderly and tourists who marvel that the handrail never moves at the same speed as the stairs themselves. Much hilarity is had by those people. But if you have somewhere to be, especially if that somewhere is a 30 minute escort incall with one of the gorgeous London escorts at Agency Barracuda, being forced to stand patiently behind a group of Taiwanese exchange students all taking photos of the funny handrail is going to test that patience to its very limit.

Luckily TfL have decided in their wisdom to trial this new way of ‘reducing the queues’ for just three weeks. It just so happens that the three weeks out of the entire year they chose would be out of the 4 weeks before Christmas! It is a good thing that a sensual encounter with one of our beautiful 30 minute escorts has been proven to reduce stress as Londoners are going to need it.

This might be a great time to download that walking map that everyone was laughing about a couple of weeks ago as it gives the street walking times between stations. Originally created by those helpful folk at TfL to let commuters know how much they didn’t actually need the tube whilst they were striking themselves out of a job, perhaps now would be a good time to use it to work out how fast you could get to your destination on foot without having to use Holborn station at all.

The walking distance between Holborn and Covent Garden is just 8 minutes so perhaps if you use those new fast walking lanes they have been talking about you could make it in 5 – unless of course you end up behind someone texting as they walk at the rate of a slow moving iceberg! Come to think of it – you had better make that 30 minute escort date an overnight encounter as you will need that long in order to de- stress!

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