Look forward to Monday club

Most people have that Sunday evening feeling as soon as the roast dinner is over. That feeling when everything starts to wind down and thoughts turn to Monday morning. Monday is the reason you can’t enjoy a late one on a Sunday and maybe driving to work is the reason you can’t take part in that Tequila challenge on a Sunday night. There are many other reasons why Monday might not be your favourite day of the week but research shows that Monday is in fact our most productive day and even though you may not be at your happiest getting out of bed after a weekend of fun and naughty antics, Monday is the best day to motivate you to do something and at Agency barracuda we know that a number of men are motivated to enjoy an encounter with one of our gorgeous escorts.

If you are looking for a companion with a sunny disposition then our sensational Russian London escorts  are the natural choice. Their fresh faced beauty and sweet personalities will tear your thoughts from the fact that you still have 4 more sleeps till Friday and make Mondays have a new and very special place in your heart.

On a Monday there is plenty of trash TV and the pubs are quiet as everyone spent all their wages over the weekend. Some people are still suffering from the weekend before so you may find yourself at a bit of a loss for something to do. If you have a wild imagination and a fantastic sense of fun then why not make a date with our beautiful busty Russian escort girls and start your week off on the right foot. A Monday night date will put you in a very special Monday night club all of your very own so why not give us a call and see who we have available?

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