Kiss and tell!

Today 17th February is random acts of kindness day and people all over the world have been proudly sharing the acts which they feel are worthy of being added to the twitter account that has been set up especially for the event. Unlike #nobraday and #nopantsday strangely enough there have been only a few submissions and it doesn’t seem to have taken off with quite so much enthusiasm. Of course we have those people who feel that holding a door open for someone else rather than slamming it in their face is worthy of a salute as a ‘random act of kindness’ however those people, of course, are a little deluded, we like to call that ‘manners’.

Social media always proves to be a useful tool in spreading a social message although sometimes, some messages can become a little more social than others. Revenge porn is a thing now it seems where ex-lovers take to the internet to share their most intimate and private pictures of their exes in a bid to shame or embarrass them. As far as most people are concerned, the only people who are shamed are the posters themselves however it does highlight the need for discretion and privacy in a relationship and unless you are part of a long standing arrangement probably best to leave the Nikon at home!

At Agency Barracuda our clients can rest assured that their dates behave with the highest degree of confidentiality and discretion at all times. Never has a client found himself splashed all over the media at the hands of our beauties. Our ladies respect boundaries and want to share them privately, not with the rest of the world. In short our clients never need to fear any public message day, even if it has a hashtag before it – our girls certainly never kiss and tell!

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