Its self loving month!

Apparently its masturbation month. No, this is not a free pass for those who like to ‘adjust’ themselves on the tube but more of an awareness month to let the youth of today know that it is ok to explore their own bodies, although some discretion is encouraged. Masturbation is usually seen  as something bad that people do when they can’t get a bedroom partner but of course as those who are more experienced in self-loving know, it can be essential to one’s enjoyment during those times when we are not alone.

Of course even the mention of the word, let alone the act itself can bring mixed reactions, mostly embarrassment and that is what this month is all about. To accept it as part of our humanity the same way we accept breastfeeding without going all silly. (although whilst breastfeeding is now accepted  in  most coffee shops, it is unlikely the same acceptance would be expected for masturbating so do bear this in mind).

Of course even self-loving cannot take the place of joint loving and there are greater heights to be reached when one is with a partner. Our stunning London escorts are all extremely experienced in all aspects of pleasure so no matter what your level of acceptance or level of adventure our ladies are there to satisfy.  In the month where faking it is considered downright rude what better time to make a date with our stunning elite London escorts . our ladies are available in all areas of London and you can choose whether to visit them or have them visit you. Our portfolio is as extensive as the varied tastes of our clients so there is bound to be someone perfect for you in terms of looks and outlook on life and pleasure seeking. Why not call now to make that date and whilst masturbation month only lasts throughout June, our girls are raring to go all the time!

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