Having the last laugh!

If you thought that the Ashley Madison scandal back in the summer would see the demise of the affairs website, think again. It seems that, as ever, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Ever. The company have today announced an increase of subscriptions by 4 million and this is since the scandal raged which revealed personal details of huge numbers of its subscribers! Even though some staff have gone on record to state that they have been asked to create around 70,000 fake female profiles to engage with the new men on the site, there is still an unprecedented number of new subscribers in the last couple of months.

The news of all the new additions to the site has been received with disdain by most of the media and outrage by some groups of society however at Agency Barracuda we feel that it represents an area that is much ignored by the powers that be, that adventurous companionship, affairs and the thrill of a new partner is simply something that people are drawn to, even in the face of public disapproval.

This is just another indication that many are ignoring of the popularity of our own beauties in London. Not just our own London escorts but escorts the world over. The demand for their services and companionship has never been higher and it certainly takes a talented and gifted woman to fulfil these needs.

Our stunning escorts in London and indeed throughout the world, now that we have branched out to other countries, are some of the most adaptable, beautiful, intelligent and talented young ladies who have all the qualities one would expect in an accomplished young woman with the naughty skills you wouldn’t!

If ever there was a case for recognising these facts, the unwavering demand for Ashley Madison and likeminded services and indeed our own London escort services is all the proof that is needed.

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