Give and take at TfL

No sooner have we praised TfL for extending the use of the oyster card to include trips to Gatwick airport than they go and spoil it all by announcing the first of 3 tube strikes for the New year. Commuters are being held to ransom once again in a series of 3 days of strike action from 26th January with 2 further dates in February and then another week long dispute at a later date! Referring back to our blog about booking some time off, it might b a good idea to tie in those days off to the planned strike action so that whilst everyone else is cramming themselves onto replacement busses you can be enjoying the delights of our gorgeous London escorts.

Our ladies never strike, they love their time with their clients too much! What is TfL’s loss is our gain as ouir beautiful escorts in London enjoy overnight encounters with those who choose to miss out on the stress entirely and book overnight dates instead. If you do have any annual leave to take then it would make your own life a lot easier if you just booked those days off now and booked one of our beauties! One thing to consider that whilst it might seem like a long way off, if these strikes do go ahead we always see a huge demand for our ladies at the last minute and so if you don’t want to endure even more disappointment we would urge you to make that date in advance! Beat the strikes and the rush all in one go and be one of those people who wake up with a smug smile, instead of a long groan! If you book the day off you can also turn off your new Ruggie alarm clock for the day!

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