First Slave Experience

My First Experience as a Slave
I knew from the beginning this experience would be different.

I answered a personals ad in the paper. All it said was “I’m looking for you, slave. I want to show you the erotic mysteries of life, open you up, and share with you the possibilities. That are out there”

Strange ad, I know, but it spoke to that dark submissive place that is buried deep inside of me. I couldn’t get the ad out of my mind, so I answered it.

The first meeting was odd, to say the least. I really didn’t know what to expect. I was given an address, date and time, and some basic instructions. That was is.

The Master lived in a large house; some would say it was a mansion. I was so nervous. I’d worn exactly what he told me to, a short black skirt, a simple white blouse, and black stilettos with sheer black stockings. He was very explicit about clothing. I was also instructed not to wear panties. I felt so naked underneath, so dirty.

I rang the bell and it seemed like forever before the door opened. I could feel the anticipation rising in my stomach as I heard the footsteps coming closer to the door. An older man wearing what could only be a butlers’ uniform, opened the door and motioned me in. I walked into the hall, trying to take in everything. The floor had the traditional black and white tile; there was a sweeping marble staircase that led upstairs, fresh cut flowers on the table in the middle of the entryway.

“You are expected. Follow me.” The butler said.

I followed him, looking around in awe. “What a gorgeous home.” I said, trying to make small talk. He did not answer, just continued to walk ahead.

Finally we arrived at a large mahogany door.

“Please go inside.” He said as he opened the door and motioned inward.

I stepped into what appeared to be a large library. I was still trying to take it all in when I heard the lock on the door engage. I was locked in! I felt the panic start to well up inside of me, but I did my best to push it down.

“What have you gotten yourself into.” I mumbled to myself.

“Yes indeed, what HAVE you gotten yourself into?” I heard the deep male voice come from behind me. I was so busy trying to take in all the sights in the room; I didn’t hear him. Startled, I started to turn around, but he grabbed my shoulders.

“No, not yet. I want you to look straight ahead for now, slave.”

His grip was firm, yet gentle. I was terrified and excited all at once. I could feel my breasts start to quiver; my nipples were instantly hard and scraping against the silk of my blouse. I started to speak but he placed his finger over my mouth.

“You only speak when I tell you to.” I nodded in understanding.

I could feel him behind me, his breath hot on my neck. He leaned forward and softly whispered, “Put this on.” and he handed me a blindfold. I obliged.

Once blindfolded, he turned me around.

“I see you dressed exactly as I requested, very good.” I nodded, biting my lip a little. I could feel his eyes moving all over my body, could hear his footsteps as he moved around me in a circle. I was filed with so much fear and anticipation at this point, I thought I would explode right there. He could see my excitement building and he chuckled.

“Never fear, darling, I will be careful with you. This time.”

Holy crap! What did he mean by that! My mind was racing. What have I done? How am I going to get out of here? Would I ever leave this house alive or in one piece?

He must have seen the momentary look of fear cross my face, because he said, “We use safe words here. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or threatened, say the word Devil and all play will cease. Is that clear, slave?”

I nodded my head yes.

“Good…. then let’s get started.” He gently grabbed my hand and led me away from the spot where I had been standing. I couldn’t quite tell where I was going, but for some reason I felt safe letting him lead me. He was so kind, gently helping me negotiate all the steps and corners. Finally we stopped walking.


That was all it took, the one word from him. I started fumbling with the buttons of my blouse, my hands trembling. He must have seen this because I heard him give off a low chuckle. I had my blouse unbuttoned and slipped it off. I was a bit confused as to what to do with it when it simply disappeared out of my hands. Okay, I thought.

I started to take off my shoes. “Leave the shoes on, slave.” So I did.

I went to work on my skirt, reaching behind and unfastening it. I am a bit curvy, so I had to wiggle my way out of it. Same thing happened with my skirt, as did my blouse, it was simply gone from my hand.

I stood there for what seemed like an eternity. I could feel the Master’s eyes on me, drinking in the sight of my perfect d cups quivering in the chill of the room. My modesty was warring with my excitement, fighting the urge to cover myself.

He laughed. “Good job slave. Now I want you to place both arms straight out in front of you.” I complied. Something cold was snapped on each wrist, I could hear the metal on metal and immediately knew they were handcuffs.

I gasped.

He chuckled again. He was behind me again and I could feel his presence, although he did not touch me.

“Lift your hands over your head.” Again, I complied.

I heard another sound of metal on metal, then felt a tug, my arms being pulled taught.

I stood there, helpless. In front of a stranger, open and vulnerable. My hands cuffed and secured over my head. Naked, except for thigh high stockings and black high-heeled shoes and on the verge of my very first earth shattering orgasm.

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