Feeling the squeeze

If you thought your tube journey was a little more snug than usual last month then you were not imagining things! Transport for London just revealed that on October 9th there were almost 5 million passengers using the elderly rail network with the last week in October delivering nearly 30 million people to their destinations. Eventually. Things are looking like they will get a bit cosier too as TfL expect these records to be broken again in the run up to Christmas this year!

If you haven’t yet seen it, the tube map which tells you the distance between each station could become quite handy in the weeks to come as it could work out faster to simply walk between stops. Some stations are literally only a few hundred yards apart so when you book your lunchtime tryst with one of our 30 minute London escorts there is no time to lose and it might, in fact, be faster to walk than to hop on a train.

Most of our London escorts have their incall locations close to a tube station which does make it easier for gentlemen to visit but if the trains are to continue getting busier and busier then familiarising yourself with the walking routes or at least having an uber account might make things easier and faster.

Our 30 minute tryst were born out of the needs of clients who have little time to spare in the middle and at the end of the day. There are millions of people who commute in and out of the city every day and sometimes they only have a couple of trains they can catch out to the home counties so if they miss them, they are stuck with a huge taxi bill or they then have to book a hotel room for the night. Our 30 minute London escorts offer the ideal solution for those with little time but a lot of desire so perhaps it might be time to get hold of one of those walking tube maps!

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