fair weather fun

Whilst here in the UK we ache to see the sun a little more often and pray that the rain makes an exit especially for the weekend. In California it is a completely different kettle of fish as they have invented cloud seeding drones to increase rainfall by up to 15%. This is of course to increase food growth and make life a little better and more productive for their agriculture however one cannot help but feel a little miffed that here we are with more than our fair share of the wet stuff when others would give their right arm for some of it. At least invent a drone that sends the rain clouds in their direction, we really wouldn’t mind a bit more sun. Please?

Apparently the idea of changing the worldwide weather is not so farfetched. There have been experiments where weather or, at least a change in it, has been looked at in terms of military use. One can’t help but feel that messing with mother nature could end up causing an effect elsewhere in the eco system which, in time, could lead to bigger problems for our future. Whilst we, in Britain often moan and complain about our weather or lack thereof, it might be better alternative to what could come as a result of changing the weather systems.

Our gorgeous London escorts come from many countries which have much fairer weather than in our beloved UK however other escorts come from places in Russia where the winters are much more bitter than ours. Whilst we would often like a few more drier and sunnier days, at Agency barracuda we can’t help but think that a lack of rain would simply mean our imaginations would suffer as a result. Just think of all the fun things we get to do when it is a rubbish day – especially when our stunning London escorts are involve and just think of what you might miss out on should the weather system change. A wonderful reason to love our crappy weather once again!

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