Do it Russian-style!

Russian expats will be delighted to hear the news that London now has its own Vodka distillery. Typically a favourite tipple in Russia, Europeans tend to have difficulty in keeping up with their Russian neighbours, at least if they want to remain standing! Many people have put it down to genetics whilst most Russians themselves know the true secret of staying sober right to the bottom of the bottle is to eat something containing a lot of fat before or whilst drinking.

Get ready for the science!

Fat prevents the absorption of alcohol which is why so many Russians eat a raw egg before their New year feast. This means they can enjoy their numerous toasts and still leave the table on their own two feet rather than being under it! It is worth noting though that whilst it is a proven fact that an intake of fat prevents you getting drunk, doctors do not advise people to down a raw egg ‘Russian- style’ since they could end up contracting salmonella – which is incidentally way worse than getting drunk. Steer clear of starchy and sweet foods too as they make the liver work harder and leave less room for processing alcohol – so skip desert! If you are enjoying a dinner date with a beautiful Russian escort companion and you are wondering how she is still pin-sharp sober when you feel like you are on a ship, now you have your answer and whilst you were probably going to skip desert anyway, now you have the perfect excuse – and a much better alternative – to do so.

At Agency Barracuda we have many stunning Russian London escorts who are all the absolut (e) – pun intended, cream of the crop. Our Russian beauties are not genetically pre-disposed to hold their liquor they just simply have a better understanding of the workings of the body. Perhaps you might want to discuss this in much greater detail when you retire back to your private room after dinner, because after all, our Russian stunners at Agency Barracuda can all speak fluent English and will have no problems in explaining and maybe giving a physical demonstration of the extend of their understanding. Food for thought perhaps!

Thinly veiled double entendres aside, your dinner date with any of our high class Russian escorts will be utterly irresistible. If you want to keep yourself in tip top condition to enjoy your nightcap during your private time together, it is probably best to simply stick to the wine at dinner. Whilst numerous vodka shot toasts punctuate traditional Russian celebrations they are not something we are used to in London and might leave you feeling the worse for wear and certainly not at your best to enjoy your high class date.

With all the different celebrations happening in the city in the run up to Christmas it would be easy to get carried away with it all and especially if you decide to imbibe yourself in sunflower oil before you go out. Take things steady and enjoy your tryst because you really don’t want to end up literally getting carried away and missing out on all the fun!

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