Dazzling divas and Sparkling stunners

We haven’t even had bonfire night yet and already the big Christmas light shows have started. Yesterday saw the turn of the Oxford Street Christmas lights being switched on by none other than the diminutive diva Kylie Minogue supported from a cast, past and present of the X Factor. West Oxford Street was closed to traffic for the event so if you had planned to take that route, oops we guess you know already!

We’re all in it together

Oxford street must be supporting economic austerity with the return for the third year running of the glowing orbs. As beautiful as they are, it does seem a shame to keep regurgitating the same old thing – even though the BBC has been doing it for years, although we do concede that the 750,000 LED bulbs might be a bit of a pain to go through each year to make sure they still work. We would hate to be that poor man.

More dazzling displays are planned in the days ahead with the Chelsea lights on the Kings Road getting us all into the festive spirit on Saturday 7thNovember and Covent Garden, Soho and Bond Street unveiling their sparkle on 12th November with only Regent Street refusing to share the limelight with anyone else and going for November 15th for their switch on which also promises fireworks and celebrity appearances.

Bah Humbug!

Chances are, you will be sick of the sight of them by the time we reach December although by then you will be bombarded with Winter Wonderlands and probably Easter Eggs by the middle of the month! The only thing to do to add a touch of Christmas cheer to the coming weeks is to make sure you set aside some time to treat yourself and by that we do not mean of the alcoholic kind but of the feminine variety. Our stunning busty London escorts have a sparkle all of their own and are guaranteed to light up any damp and drizzly evening

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