Boom around the world

If you want to get around the globe, you are looking at a lengthy time of  travel at least to get from one side of the planet to the other. So if you are in London and you need to get to New York then the best you could do is expect to travel for around 6 or 7 hours and this extends to even longer times if you are travelling between London and Sydney or indeed other part of the Southern Hemisphere. The fastest us humans could manage was Concorde which took nearly 4 hours and travelled up to speeds of 1300 miles per hour. That all looks set to change with the new Boom! Aircraft being put into production. With speeds  of over 1451 miles per hour you could make New York to London in just 3.5 hours! Fantastic if you have a date planned with one of our beautiful Chelsea escorts that you simply do not want to miss. What is even better is that where Concorde would set you back around £20,000 per ticket, Boom is being targeted at being much more affordable at around £3000 per ticket – about the same as business class!

Our Chelsea escorts are certainly worthy of a dash around the planet. These are simply stunning companions who exude class and style and confidence in all situations. Not only do our amazing Chelsea escorts make for desirable companions in all situations, they also make for excellent travel escorts too so if you do have a meeting somewhere else in the world and you simply cannot be parted from your chosen Chelsea escort then do let us know as we are likely to be able to arrange for your travel to include your sexy companion too.

These new aircraft are set to touch down for passenger use after 2017 so you may have a bit of a wait to use them. You don’t, however, have to wait to enjoy a date with our Chelsea escorts in London. At Agency Barracuda we have a number of stunning escorts who are available at short notice and also in other areas of the city too. If you cannot get over to South west London and would prefer for one of our Chelsea escorts to visit you then we can arrange for an outcall appointment with the escort of your choice. Even if you are a little further afield then we can still have your preferred London escort at your side as soon as the travel plans will allow – if you happen to be in New York then, at the moment you are going to have to hang on for a few hours although after 2017 we can have the lady of your choice with you sooner than you think!

Our Chelsea escorts are VIP escorts so any travel is of course expected to be in business or upper class. Our clients who book our Chelsea escorts do so because of their elevated status and of course their beauty but it is their perfect charm and eloquence that is the ultimate draw. Travelling on the new Boom aircraft is a fitting form of travel for our high class London escorts and once they start rolling out the supersonic airplanes to other destinations then there is no limit to the fun you can enjoy with our beautiful Chelsea escorts – and indeed all of our other escorts too.

Why not take a few moments and browse our gallery of beauties and make your choice as to which of them you would like to spend time with and then give us a call.

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