Baring it all

If you like your TV viewing to be a little risqué then switch over to channel 4 this summer as they have a line up planned which bares all,  in every sense of the word! With images of Keith Chegwin’s ‘naked jungle’ still seared across our minds the TV channel has decided that we have not seen enough of the British public (in all their glory)  and lined up  few shows that require the participants to have no pants or anything else for that matter!

‘The great British skinny dip’ sees naturists try to find places to swim and generally enjoy their nakedness (they might be the only ones enjoying it), Naked attractions is a naked version of blind date (no explanation necessary really) and ‘stripped’ is a reality show where contestants start off with literally nothing in a house for 21 days and  get to choose 1 item per day to have back. Like big brother but perhaps more interesting to see different people’s priorities. Of course if you want to appreciate the human form in all its glory you don’t need a TV at all. Just give us a call at Agency barracuda and we are sure that our stunning London escorts can shine some light on what is physical perfection. Indeed a TV is going to be the last thing on your mind when you entertain the London escort of your choice however for those times when you are not with your favourite model escort in London these could be an interesting alternative for the summer. Certainly makes for something more  interesting than the avalanche of sports that we are promised over the coming weeks in the summer.

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