Alfresco Adventures

To give you a bit of a picture, he is tall with dark hair and brown eyes and is twenty-five years older than me. I am twenty years old with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and a curvaceous body. When they handed out large breasts my family must have been first in line.

I met him in a queue for popcorn at the cinema one night and we have been together ever since. Perhaps I have a daddy thing going on but I find that older men really know how to treat a woman. They are respectful, generous, inventive and experienced and he really knows what buttons to push. Being with him has given me a fresh and slightly kinky outlook on life and I never get bored with him.

We have been into light exhibitionism ever since we started sleeping together; in fact our first time was in a broom cupboard at the cinema that first night. After chatting for five minutes he dragged me into a nearby cupboard for a very intense, hot and sweaty encounter and the rest is history. Our best experience was when we went clothes shopping together. I went into a new clothes shop to try on some underwear and noticed how roomy the dressing rooms were. They were mirrored and well lit and had plenty of space, but all that was between you and the fitting room and the main store was a blue curtain. There were no attendants, it was just too perfect, I had to entice him in with me.

I cheekily sent him some naughty pictures of me in the basque and stockings that I was trying on and told him about my inspired idea. He was as turned on as me about the idea and three minutes later my phone vibrated, it was a message from him; ” I’m coming right in, be ready for me”. I was more than ready; as soon as I saw his text I knelt on the seat with my ass facing the curtain, legs stretched wide open and my bullet hard nipples pressed against the mirrored glass. My see through panties showed my firm ass cheeks off and my basque had very low cut cups so half of my 36G breasts were on show. The curtain was slightly open and anyone passing could have seen me posing in the sluttiest way I could, this made me soaking wet for some reason. Before he came in, he tugged the curtain completely open and stood there for a moment admiring my semi naked body. I saw him getting hard through his jeans and a guy about my age walked past and made no bones about staring, seemingly enjoying the view. Then my boyfriend shut the curtain, leaving a couple of inches still open. He couldn’t hold himself back any longer.

“You are so, so dirty, I bet you loved being stared at”, he whispered in my ear. ” You are such a little slut, feel how wet you are and those tits….”.

As soon as I started to reply, he put two fingers in my mouth which I immediately started licking and sucking and started to trace his other warm hand all over my now writhing body.

I could not help but moan in pleasure, but tried to hold it back. He caressed my large breasts and gently tugged at my hard nipples and said “Don’t hold back your moan and pretend you aren’t about to get fucked in here, I bet everyone who walks past will hear you and know exactly what is happening”. Even if we got caught, this was the hottest thing I had ever experienced in my twenty years. When my moans got louder he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his lower back. Then he pushed me against the wall, we were so close to the curtain that with every thrust, it moved a little, exposing my breasts pressed naked against the wall. This turned me on so much, knowing that at any minute someone could walk past and see us. Perhaps they might stop to watch the show, perhaps they may join in. We had to be sneaky about it but knowing that we were so near to being discovered sent us both over the edge. Our breathing sounded so loud in that small room and we could hear people getting changed right next door to us. With every thrust I banged against the wall and I gasped, even the feel of the wall under my stiff nipples was turning me on. My boyfriend was pounding into me and his breath against my ear was so sexy, I loved how turned on he sounded. My body ached under his ministrations and I felt myself getting closer to the edge. Someone stopped outside the curtain and we heard heavy breathing, before I knew what was happening my boyfriend poked his head round the curtain and invited the person standing there in with us. I turned my head to look and saw a good-looking guy in his thirties standing there with a huge bulge in his jeans. He needed no second invitation and came up and kissed me. Then I descended into a dream as both men ran their hands all over my writhing body, my gasps of pleasure so loud that everyone in the store must have heard us. I was taken by both men in the dressing room that day and have never been so turned on in my life.

We will definitely be going back to that store soon.

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