A real Christmas cracker!

If your festivities are in need of a little extra sparkle then look no further than your traditional Christmas cracker. Instead of playing with those red plastic fish that curl up in the palm of your hand and groaning at cheesy jokes why not splash out on some diamond crackers this year. Adorned with sparkly silver paper and real goose feathers, you might want to keep an eye on where the gift flies off to because inside each one is a genuine diamond gemstone.

A set of 6 will set you back around £995,000 so if you can afford those then you will probably also afford to have someone pull them for you! These diamonds are genuine cut white stones and include a three carat pear cut stone worth £247,000 and a rare type II diamond which is apparently too much to even write down. The unluckiest in your family will get the booby prize of the three carat oval which is only worth 113,000 so maybe save that one for the footman! The goose feathers are a lovely touch but there is no mention of a paper hat, which is a real disappointment.

If this wasn’t the kind of extra sparkle you were thinking of then perhaps our stunning elite London escorts  could be your perfect Christmas crackers. Their sparkling personalities and multi faceted talents make them much more desirable than any diamond pulled out of a cracker, plus of course you don’t have to share with anyone else – unless you really want to!

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