A Mesmerising Encounter

I glanced up from my desk and saw three young men enter my small office.

“Hello, can I help you?”

‘We are here to see Elena we’re Scott’s friends, I’m Paul, that’s Bob and he’s Lewis.”

“I’m Elena, did Scott tell you about bringing Jill for hypnosis?”

“He certainly did” said Paul with a grin from ear to ear.

” Hell yeah, we want you to hypnotise my wife ”

“No problem, what do you have in mind?, I need a physical description of want you want her to do and any other special details you want to add to the story”

“Can you make it really dirty?”

” As filthy as you want. What time does she get here?”

“Ten minutes, here goes, her names Annabelle and she has long red hair and brown eyes. She’s built too, with huge tits and a great round ass. I really want her to suck my cock after she gets naked, she doesn’t do it often and I want to inspire her.”

“And your friends there are going to take part? Or just watch?”

” Watch, I think she’s too shy for a gangbang hehe”

This story would be easy to write, an easy way to make fifty quid. Who knew my hypnotism training would be put to such kinky use.

As I typed I read it out aloud so the guys could hear their story taking form. “That sounds great, I can’t wait to try it out”.

As Paul spoke, a pretty redhead entered the room, “Annabelle I presume?” She replied, “Hi, Paul said you would help me with my aversion to blow jobs, can you help me? I want to be sexier” “Yes, just listen to my voice and relax.”

“You are getting very sleepy, so sleepy that you can hardly keep your eyes open. Your eyelids feel so heavy, you just have to close them.” Annabelle’s head started drooping and she closed her eyes.

The guys looked in disbelief at her, “Shit, it really works”, said Paul.

I continued ‘Sleep Annabelle, you are sound asleep. Listen to my voice. When you hear me say “clothes”, you will take off your clothes if you are wearing clothes, if you hear it when you are naked you will get dressed, ready? Now follow my instructions…”Clothes Annabelle”.

The guys eyes popped out of their heads as the sultry redhead started to unbutton her blouse and unzip her skirt. She stepped out of her clothes and unhooked her bra and slid her panties down her thighs. She had a beautiful full figure, with large breasts and thighs and a tiny waist. I carried on” Annabelle, you are so relaxed, when you hear my voice say: “Blow job, you will suck your husbands cock until he is ready to cum in your mouth, then when I say “Awake”, you will slowly wake up.”

Paul unzipped his trousers and his hard cock sprung out of his trousers. Time to get this show on the road: “Blow job”.

Annabelle immediately walked over to Paul and dropped to her knees before him. He pushed his erect cock against her parted lips and she jumped on it like a starving dog, taking its whole 9″ length into her red mouth.  Up and down her head bobbed on Paul’s big cock, we could all hear choking noises as she gobbled him and I could see that this was turning everyone on. Bob and Lewis had huge bulges tenting out their jeans. I suddenly had a filthy thought, “Annabelle when Paul has come in your mouth I want you to suck Bob and Lewis off too, when you hear the word “suck”, go over to them.” This was enough to send Paul over the edge and he spurted into her mouth. I said ” Suck” and Annabelle sashayed over to the guys. Paul gasped and turned to watch the show. Lewis was first to ram his hard cock down her throat and came almost immediately, letting out a huge roar. “Fuck me that was amazing” he said and pushed Annabelle towards Bob. Bob needed no excuses, his trousers were down and he fed his massive erection into her open, red mouth. She bobbed her head frantically and slobbered all over his cock; Bob pumped his hips at her and fucked her face hard. He moaned and pulled out of her mouth and spurted rivulets of cum all over her large tits. At this Paul rushed over and pushed Annabelle to the floor and rammed his now hard again cock into her pussy, she moaned as he started pumping hard, the noise of flesh slapping flesh filling the room. As he fucked her, he started sucking her nipples and pinching them, Annabelle’s moans got louder and more frantic as Paul fucked her hard. He stopped and turned her over and rammed his cock into her large, round ass, she screamed but immediately started sliding her ass up and down Paul’s pumping cock. Lewis bounded over, engorged cock in hand and started rubbing his hand up and down it, faster and faster, Annabelle stretched out a hand and started jerking off Lewis in time to Paul’s violent thrusts. Lewis spurted creamy streams all over her face and hair.  She wiped her face and licked all the cum up and carried on bucking her hips and thrusting with Paul until they both came loudly together. She then got up off her knees and sat in her chair.  “Clothes Annabelle”, she started to pull her clothes back on over her spunk-covered body. Time to wake her up; ‘Awake Annabelle, time to wake up”. Slowly she started coming round until she was fully awake. The guys all grinned nervously then burst into laughter as she said, ” I just had the sexiest dream …”

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