A Badger or a Bramble?

Those imaginative types amongst you will rejoice at the new ‘cocktail’ blend created by a pub in Skegness of all places. Inspired by a young farmers meeting, bar tenders at the local pub decided to make an exciting ‘Badger’s blend’ to tie in nicely with the countryside theme. There are only two ingredients with a whole bottle of that well known alcopop Smirnoff Ice in a pint glass with Guinness topped up. The result is a black and while medley and a real blast of alcoholic pleasure. Commenter’s noted that after a few you were likely to wake up feeling like you had spent the night underground, but we suppose this just adds to the authenticity!

There are many bars in London which often come up with inspiring cocktails to add new flavours and new themes to their drinks so you really won’t have to go as far as Skegness to find the finest blends of beverage. The London cocktail club has branches in various areas of London where you can experience the finest in mixology and certainly add something of a conversation starter. Indeed if you were planning on enjoying an evening with one of our beautiful escorts then a meet up at any of these bars would be a great ice-breaker before moving onto making your own joint cocktails together!

You can find these bars in Covent garden as well as Goodge Street and many other locations in the central London areas and in trendy and hipster east London too. Not too far from the incall locations of many of our escort girls indeed we have a number of Central London escorts who can be booked with limited notice, just mix up a Margarita and wait for the fun to begin!

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