Staycation London

Staycation… A place to visit in our great city of London.

It’s been almost nine and a half months since I arrived in London to start working as part of our companies program to expand and since I have been here all that I have seen of the city, has been, the office, my apartment, and a few pubs and restaurants. Ever since my arrival, it has been a matter of nose to the preverbal grinding stone. If I was a woman, I could have been knocked up and given birth in all the time I’ve been here. Setting up the office and getting everything operational has in many ways been like giving birth, certainly has been bloody painful enough.

Anyway, come last week Friday, the boss calls me in and tells me great job Brain, done yourself proud. He gives me a decent bonus and a week’s R&R. Damn nice of the bloke, not that I did not work my ass off for it though. At first, I thought of going home to visit mom and dad, but then, following a few pints, I said to my self, why not take a bit of a holiday here in London, do the tourist thing, see the sights, go and meet some people.

Come Saturday and I went and bought the London Pass, it’s not half-bad, I went all over the place, Westminster abbey, houses of Parlement, Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben, I had a couple of beers at the Shard and realized just how shitty it is doing sightseeing on your lonesome. I mean all these people are with friends, lovers or family and there I was drinking expensive ale in a fancy pub with no one to talk to.
Not wanting to go all blue on myself, I decided to get myself laid, no matter what it takes. It’s been bloody months of nothing but frickin work.

It is ridiculous, I have been celibate for longer than a priest between confessions. WTF, how did this happen. I had a few more brews, not at the Shard mind, it’s just stupid paying tourist dough for a brew when I can go to my local and get plastered for a quarter of the price.

After a quick search on my mobile, I found Bisexual London Escorts, London Escort Agency & Top London Escorts and armed with this information, I was ready for the remainder of my “staycation”. The way I saw it, it would be a much more sensible way of spending my hard-earned bonus, it certainly would stop me from feeling sorry assed about being on my own.

Once my mind was set everything fell into place and my week, that on Saturday last nearly had me feeling as miserable as a stray dog turned out to be just the fix that I needed. Having a pregnant amount of caching up to do, I waisted no more time affecting interest in dusty architecture and the crown jewels, there is plenty of time for that yet.

Not that I didn’t get to see some of Londons finest treasures and believe me what I got to see was any day just as sparkling as the Queen’s diamonds, it’s just that it is a better kept secrete. As for improving my knowledge and experience of what London has on offer, what do you think?
From now on I will take better care of myself and between the heavenly angels from Top London Escorts and the unbelievable threesome possibilities that are on offer at Bisexual London Escorts I will have to make special arrangements to schedule in a time to include London Escort Agency into my itinerary.

Come Monday morning when I walk back into the office, it will be with a greater purpose in my stride.

Bluetooth embedded sex toy

Smartphone wireless remote control clitoral wearables.

Picture yourself, two lovely ladies in your arms, the night is still but a baby sleeping in its cradle and as you know at agency barracuda the night is young no matter what the time is.
There is no need to look at your timepiece other than to appreciate the gold craftsmanship, for tonight time is of no essence. If you feel a tad reckless then it is justifiable, who wouldn’t feel on top of the world knowing what you know.

Nestled in the lady parts of your lovely companions are discreet vibrating egg shaped toys that will stimulate their clitorises and you are in control. As the three of you casually amble over to the bar you hear the sharp intake of breath and feel nails dig into your arm as you send shockwaves of pleasure through the nether regions of your lady friends by simple activation via your mobile.
What wicked fun you have as you lead your London escort kittens on and make them purr at will.

Yes the night is young and so are these open minded girls. Playing cat and mouse is such a delicious game that requires patience and self-control and you secretly wonder how long you will be able to keep it up before you succumb to the temptation of taking the young escorts home with you. You know to resist though because when the moment finally draws upon you it is going to be spectacular.

The sense of control is greatly satisfying and you can increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations at will causing your bewitching London escorts to be ever so attentive to you. You can feel the electric vibration as you fondle the ass of the girl you are dancing with and you imagine how the little pink device is driving her mad where it is hiding deep inside her. She pushes up against you and your, by now very attentive member picks up on the buzz, she smiles knowingly.

Feeling just a tad smug and very pleased with yourself, you think how the girls made fun of you for suggesting the wearables when you picked them up. They so picked up on your initial shyness and soon the teasing turned in to all round fun and excitement as the full implication of the bluetooth sex toys sunk in. Your early fear about the appropriateness of toys were soon waylaid and you appreciate the professionalism of the gorgeous London escorts. Clearly, this is not the first time that either one of your companions are playing this game.

It takes all you have not to jump the gun at this stage and you know that teasing is the part that will reward itself tenfold later on, so you order another round of drinks and tone the vibrations down a notch. At idle speed or hardly any vibration at all the gorgeous young bisexual London escorts are as relaxed as tigers on a hunt as they feign innocence. You take your mobile from your pocket and casually place it on the table with your drinks. Never before have you seen such eager alertness and hungry focus. Suddenly you are very aware of who the mouse is in this game.

You have to feed the pussycats or they will jump you right here in public and if all truth be told, you would welcome it, Mmm another time perhaps. “Let’s call that Uber, shall we ” you suggest and reach for the world’s most desirable mobile.

Mile High Club – private jet

Mile high club.

I have recently turned 40 and lo and behold for the first time in my life I received a proper adult gift. My business partners surprised me with an “unscheduled” meeting for which I was required to fly from Blackbushe Airport where our company hangars our King Air 350i. The business that we are in demands a hands-on approach when it comes to customer service and it frequently happens that either my-self or one of my partners will have to fly off somewhere to meet with clients. We have a very influential and needless to say demanding clientele and our company is known throughout our niche industry to perform minor miracles when it comes to providing an outstanding service, but I am digressing from the topic.

As I was saying, I just turned the big four-O and I must confess that I had very little interest in flying out to meet up with any of our esteemed clients that day. It was a Friday and I was hoping to make my excuses early, say before lunchtime and make a long weekend of it. Not only was it my birthday, but I have also been single again after eight years of marriage ended up in the divorce court and I was planning to have my wounds licked, maybe take a drive out to the country and book a room in a quaint village hotel somewhere. That is after having made the prerequisite stop at Top London Escorts, where I just so happen to know one or two of the most beautiful women with whom I’d love to spend my weekend.

You will well understand that when Simon, he is one of my business partners, the other being Patrick who was supposedly in Dusseldorf brokering a deal, asked me if I would mind going to butter the toast of our biggest local client who has a property in Cornwell, I was somewhat less than ecstatic about the whole affair.

Well, Simon is nothing if not persuasive, he won’t as much sell snow to Eskimo’s, he will let them have it on long term lease and the terms will put tears in the eyes of Scrooge McDuck. That is the reason why he is my business partner. Anyway, long story short, I reluctantly agreed to fly to Newquay and see to it that our clients’ needs are met, Simon promising to make it up to me in return, hopefully, a raucous night out on the town. Did I mention that I am divorced…you won’t believe what that does to a man’s libido.

The company upgraded to the King Air 350i after a stupendous 2018 and we felt that the old 200 was no longer reflecting our status in the manner that we thought we deserved, which is a load of bull, we had too much money and we needed to spend some in order move our tax base.
The plane does get used a lot though and it is a necessity, we all agree on. As we always make use of the same pilots, I got to know them all quite well over the years, and as it happened the guy flying me on the day was a jolly good chap called Arthur who has been with us forever and a day. Very good-humored and somewhere in his mid to late fifties.

We are not so flashy as to have air hostesses as 90% of the time it’s only the three of us flying from one place to the next and the time onboard is mostly spent preparing for the meetings we are to attend. The duty pilot does see to it that there are snacks and drinks on board but other than that it’s very much just business as usual.

Meeting me Arthur’s demeanor seemed somewhat more upbeat than normal, but I made nothing of it. I did, however, find it strange when he informed me that we are waiting for Simon who was on his way to bring me last-minute information. I was still pondering why Simon can’t simply email whatever it is when his Jaguar pulled in on the apron in front of the hangar.

As it happens it is not possible to send beautiful ladies via email from London Escort Agency, it’s much more appropriate to personally deliver them in the flesh. And speaking of flesh, when Simon opened the passenger door of his sedan, her legs went on forever. My jaw must have dropped and I am sure that I looked like a cartoon caricature of my lustful self, Arthur made the strangest coughing sound as he excused himself and disappeared to the front of the plane.

It is a short flight from Blackbushe to Newquay airport and I wished that we nether had to land again. Normally I don’t bother about closing the partition between the front of the plane and the rest of the cabin, but Arthur discreetly closed it after take-off and at 5280 ft he let the intercom chime a friendly “ding-dong”. By that time my lovely birthday surprise girl and myself were fully dressed in only our birthday suits and hers being an outfit to die for.

My two business partners spoiled me with the best weekend in Cornwell imaginable and the ever so gorgeous lady from the London Escort Agency pampered me and helped me by licking more than just my wounded ego.

Oh, on the flight back, yes, I am a member of the mile-high club x 2!

Uber Action

Ashley is a jerk. We have been seeing each other for two months and after last night, I am no longer interested.

Always flashy, he picked me up for dinner in his too loud and too blingy BMW something or other and usually I’d be fine with it. Being driven around London with, I have to admit, a bloody sexy man does get by pulse racing and he is not stuck up or stingy either. His daddy owns several large import and export businesses here and abroad, so pretty boy comes from the other side of the tracks as yours truly.

The thing is, and here my sisters will back me up, even though he seems like prince charming in his red BMW and Armani suit he is the world’s most insecure jealous little boy. I am 27, not exactly a teenager, but also a long way from being over the hill. I work out and I keep in shape, take good care of myself. Men and women notice when I enter a room and yes, perhaps I am a little vain about it but so what. I am honest enough to admit that I do enjoy the attention and I sometimes even get turned on when men and dare I say women lust over me. It’s a part of who I am, take it, or leave it.

When we got to the Japanese restaurant in Mayfair, two men were sitting diagonally from our table, just to the peripheral of Ashley’s. Oh, they noticed the moment we entered the restaurant, the two of them made no secret about visually ripping the clothes off me as opposed to undressing me with their eyes. I was bare bones to them as the waiter escorted Ashley and myself to our table and being super jealous Ashley immediately picked up on what was in all fairness rather blatant sexual innuendo coming from the two guys.
What got my goat was that instead of being the big man that he pretends to be and have it out with his competition, he cowardly blamed me for flirting with the guys. Can you believe the cheek of it! He was just starting to unpack all his toys when I excused myself and went to the ladies from where I called an Uber taxi to take me the hell out of there.

Her name is Virginia and she was double-parked outside the door of the restaurant when I walked past the two horny guys and Ashley without looking back. I was angry, but somehow I was feeling incredibly reckless and rebellious. Not all convent schooled girls to grow up to become obedient little housewives and I am no angel.

It is strange how one picks up on someone’s vibe and I could instinctively sense that Virginia (I didn’t know her yet) was picking up on my rebellion. Without a word and driving with one hand she reached out to caress my cheek and stroke my hair. Thinking back I don’t know if I was crying or laughing, emotions were flooding through me and I could barely contain myself.

How we got there and where exactly “there” is, I won’t be able to tell you, suffice to say it was a darkish part of a parking lot with pubs and noise and people but we somehow managed to tumble to the back seat of the Toyota Camry. No, I don’t know how, but I have the bruises to prove it. I was time-warped back to my school days in the convent. The way that Virginia kissed me and eventually made love to me on the back seat of her car was incredible and the noise and the lights from the pubs and clubs heightened the urgency and excitement.

A good Uber driver always delivers and Virginia did get me home safely to Dalston where she spends the night with me.
I learned a lot last night, I learned that Virginia moonlights two jobs, her other source of income is from Bisexual London Escorts. I also learned that I am 100% OK with it….I am considering it for myself, I think that Virginia and I would make one hell of a combination. Maybe we will see you at Bisexual London Escorts.



So you’re obeying all the government guidelines for the Covid-19 “Lockdown” and staying in to save lives etc…..

You’ve been at work, virtually, since 9.30 this morning, dress down Friday and every other day of the week except when you have to wear a collared shirt for those pesky Zoom meetings with the 20 odd others in the management team in various stages of grooming and those annoying lags when people take turns to have their say.

Clocking off…

You sign off from your office VPN at 5 o’clock sharp. The sun is shining so you go out for your once a day walk/jog around the block to get some fresh air. Then a quick shower and sit down for a well earned cool larger from the fridge and sign onto your personal VPN on your laptop.

Go through the usual motions, check emails, Facebook, the Gram, any new videos on the YouTube subscribers list. Then onto your bookmarked list of websites, which has a few London Escort Agencies. It’s been a while since you looked, since before the lockdown, so why not, just a quick look.


So you see that some of the London Escort beauties are still around, a couple you have met before and have been very pleased with and a brace of new ones, a couple of whom look very enticing. Afterall, it’s been 4 weeks…..

Many of these adventurous london escorts are a turn on. Blonde or brunette, busty and slim, pouting at the camera giving you that look. But no, it’s not an essential trip although you can almost convince yourself that it is bloody essential.

Do you flout the lockdown? Maybe she can come to you, so you can “stay in”.


What if there is another way? Some girls have been offering “virtual meetings”.
With Zoom of course, or WhatApp/Skype.

Pros: you can see the girl of your choosing, no risk of transmission or flouting the law, quite a bit cheaper.

Cons: Obviously you’ll have to take care of yourself, with some help. Lots of tissues……

What would you do?

11 things you didn’t know about escorts

We’ve put together stats about escorts in the UK.

Fapping at work

*NSFW* well, depends what your work is really I guess. This is likely to cause a ‘mass-debate’ but apparently fapping at work is the new smoke break. – see what we did there? No, ok. Let us explain.

Fapping is the word for  a quick wank sesh and apparently the folks over at Ravishly have decided that this is a brilliant way to boost output and creativity (boost output as in work related output obviously) in the workplace. Where people would pop out for a quick smoke, now people should be allowed to ‘pop one out’ instead. The report even goes as far as saying that up to 40% of New York workers regularly admit to masturbating whilst on the job. Of course we are assuming that they are referring to office workers since we can guarantee that other work places can hit 100% every day *winks*

Joking aside, there you were wishing that you worked for Google with their nap rooms and games tables and all the while New Yorkers were getting their tension relieved elsewhere. In your face Google! The science actually agrees with this fact since it does relieve tension and stress and could also be used as a personal motivational tool for getting stuff done before doing yourself. The result could be a more focused workplace with less aggression and higher productivity although it might kill off the handshake and certainly this wouldn’t apply to anyone working in a restaurant!

Of course, timing could be an issue. You might feel under pressure to orgasm quickly so that you are not missed from your desk for too long and the ability to enjoy your self loving privately and quietly would of course be an expectation. Some experts believe that allowing fapping breaks might also see sexual harassment become a bigger problem in the work place where staff start to fantasise about colleagues and blur the formal lines. Despite being an escort agency, we are not sure that this would actually be a great idea in practice. Self loving and shared loving are things that we associate with our leisure time. Belting one off in the bathroom in record time is not conducive to pleasure, release yes, but pleasure no. Imagine the sense of frustration if you are interrupted or worse, simply cannot focus enough to climax. Its quite difficult to time the vibrator to be in sync with the hand dryer ( so we are told).  There are plenty of people who cannot get back into work mode after having a crunchie at tea break let alone anything else!

Whilst all this is great fun to debate and discuss, one might prefer to separate the two things, work and pleasure from each other. With some work colleagues, you really don’t want to start wondering what they are up to when they disappear from their desk and it may lead you to want to wear gloves at all times, just incase. Of course this is all just an every day occurrence for us and now you know why we have been thumbing our noses at Google employees for years! *mutters* Nap rooms, lame!

Get your morning shot here!

We all know that getting up in the morning can be somewhat of a struggle, especially during those cold winter months.  Luckily for us however, we have various delicious blends of coffee available to us which give us that wakeup call we all need. What would happen though if suddenly our supply of caffeine was stopped? Well apparently, this could actually happen! A report recently published by The Climate Institute has declared that if global warming continues at its current rate, our much needed and much loved hot drink will be extinct by 2080! With rising temperatures set to wreck the farmland used for making coffee and an increasing amount of fungi and pests, the process of diminishing our coffee beans will begin 2050 as by this time, over half of the world’s farming land will not be able to produce coffee! Whilst this is already a truly dreadful scenario, it also means that thousands of people will be out of work. So, it is time to do your part for the environment!

After giving you a bit of a shock with our trending news story, you probably want to go and fill your mind with more pleasant thoughts. One way we suggest you do this, is by contacting one our high class, beautiful escorts at Barracuda London Escort Agency. Our stunning beauties mean that you wont need a hit of caffeine to keep you alert, our stunners are the only addiction you need!

Whilst our escorts are extremely gorgeous, they are also warm, charming and friendly. At Agency Barracuda, we strive to provide you with an experience unlike any other and one that you will not be forgetting in a hurry! Only here to fulfil your every desire, our Fulham escorts, Baker Street escorts, Hammersmith escorts and many more, are available for your pleasure from 9am until 2am. Contact Barracuda London Escort Agency on 07912 673063 now to meet the woman of your dreams today!

Lets Talk Barcelona!

Barcelona is one of the top cities in the world for its economy, leisure industry and sheer beauty however it now has one other thing to add to its list of accolades. It is now the first city in the world to open a brothel entirely full of sex dolls. Now, most people will think of those awful plastic creations that smell funny and squeak when touched, not Lumidolls these are amazing feats of engineering that actually do create the most lifelike looking females who happen to be made out of plastic however good they look. There are plenty of different types of Lumidolls and each one has her own name and ‘style’ and for the relatively low cost of £1500 you can have one made to your specifications.

Obviously the dolls do not actually interact with their clients but rather they simply silently let the gentleman carry on and yes, this could be a step forward in reducing the number of trafficked women across the globe but it still is about as personal as a DIY job. Something that the world of engineering needs to understand is that the reason many gentlemen visit a beautiful escort is not just because of her beauty of her physical appeal, it is the comfort and sense of connection that only humans together can enjoy. Indeed after opening in Barcelona earlier this year the ‘brothel’ received many complaints from lots of different groups of concerned people not least local residents, city officials and sex professionals themselves, who stated the obvious in that they do not provide the emotional connection you would expect to receive from a genuine human being.

The dolls certainly are a work of art though as they are the most lifelike we have ever seen. They can be posed in a number of different positions and the latest design ‘Yoko’ has been made so that she stays at a continual 37C temperature through out her body! Katy has proven most popular at Lumidolls and as you might expect Katy is blessed with generous breasts, large soft lips and an abundance of soft blonde hair. However if the busty blonde does not appeal then clients can choose from Kanda or Lily, Kanda being the brunette, dark skinned version and Lily a Caucasian brunette. Each of the ‘girls’ can be dressed in various outfits of the clients wishes and surprisingly the workout outfit has proven very popular with gentlemen in Barcelona although more fetish items are apparently preferred with British clients.

Lumidoll is planning to open a ‘brothel’ in the UK and is currently wading through the red tape in order to do so but as these are not real people, the laws are somewhat different and sex professionals in the UK see it as unfair competition.

At Agency Barracuda we are all for people being able to fulfil their desires in whatever way they see fit to do so and whilst we certainly wouldn’t be in opposition of a Lumidolls brothel opening in London we do question the format in which it works. In Barcelona the prices equate to roughly £70 per half hour with the dolls which is not too far off the average cost of time and companionship with a London escort and since the Barcelona brothel offers both incalls and outcalls, one would wonder at the ability to smuggle them into a hotel room without receiving some very strange looks.

We have all seen the films of future where sex is no longer something to be enjoyed by two human beings and with the progression of these AI robots who knows where this will lead us. Perhaps in a few years time we will be writing about an AI brothel opening in London and wondering as to the popularity of it, maybe we would have a gallery full of AI escorts or our own Lumidoll gallery for those who prefer to spend time with a sex doll rather than a real life, living , breathing, writhing woman.

The truth is that we don’t know where the future will take us but what we do know is that it will be lead by our clientele and if that is the way they want their desires to lead then of course we will follow. So really it is not up to us, it is up to you, our clients.  

Takeaway for Oligarchs

If you have a few billions lying around then you are going to love the new ‘billionaire’ takeaway available through deliveroo. After that wild night out, you’ll be ready for some serious munchies and this takeaway certainly has a serious price tag! At £950, this has to be the worlds most expensive takeaway and not a pizza in sight!  Served on a silver platter – of course, a bed of dollars (not even real) line the base which is then covered with a mac and cheese/Caesar salad. On top of that you get premium Scottish lobster, 2 year aged parmigiano, caviar, black truffle and 23 carat gold leaf (edible of course) Oh and a glass of Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Whiskey which beats the 1 litre of soda any day. Ideal if you are based in Battersea or Wandsworth, rubbish if you are based anywhere else as this is only available in the aforementioned locations.

Our beautiful Battersea escorts can of course keep you company and share your nibbles. It does seem rather a lot to have to eat alone so why not share the delight with one of our sensational escorts in London. At our London escort agency we have scores of stunners located in all areas of the city as we haven’t limited our top class beauties to just a few areas, unlike deliveroo.

Takeaways are not the usual choice of our clients. They prefer to enjoy a meal in the proper setting. The closest our clients will get is room service, which of course can be enjoyed in the privacy of one’s hotel suite and should your taste buds be screaming for lobster then most five star luxury hotels are likely to oblige. We’ve always found lobster to be a little messy but then all the best things in life usually are!

Battersea and Wandsworth are both high class areas in South West London and both areas are covered by our stunning outcall escorts. We of course cover all other places in central London and also have a number of high class London escorts who are happy to entertain gentlemen at their own home addresses. Anything from a single hour to an entire night can be enjoyed in the very best company but you don’t have to stay in to have an amazing time with our escorts.

Dates out in the city are often enjoyed with our girls. Lots of our clients like to dine out or they have invitations to all the best parties and premiers, galas and balls. Our London escorts are the ideal companions with whom to share a very special evening and once the clock strikes midnight, our London escorts won’t disappear on you. We have all types of stunning young ladies available for gentlemen to choose their ideal companion from all backgrounds around the world. If you do happen to be a Russian Oligarch then we have a number of high class and elite Russian London escorts who would be ideal , some of them are partial to lobster too!

Burns night blast!

OK we know that Burns night was officially on Wednesday, but seriously, who parties midweek? Whether you have Scottish heritage or not, the chance to enjoy a wild shindig is not to be missed so if you can find some link to your highland heraldry, however tenuous, then we suggest you do so this weekend.

Burns night celebrates Scotland’s national poet, Robert burns. Eating, drinking, dancing to the pipes is the traditional way to celebrate his birthday and there are plenty of places in London happy to host various events. Most took place during the week, actually on his birthday of the 25th however there are still a few places that had the savvy to know that no-one has a birthday party on the actual day itself, they wait until the weekend of course.

The Ceilidh club are holding their annual celebrations at the Hammersmith Town hall this weekend. If you buy a couple of tickets you get to dance to a band and caller, don’t worry if you don’t know the steps, they’ll be called out and are fairly straightforward. Just bounce a lot and you’ll fit right in! There will also be a buffet of Haggis, Neeps (turnips) and Tatties (potatoes) and of course the obligatory ‘Address to the Haggis’. Plenty of fun to be had and of course a great deal of whiskey sampling to wash it all down. If you don’t have a dance partner, then of course our beautiful London escorts are available and happy to dance the night away! We can’t guarantee that you will find many escorts from Scotland however our girls do look good in tartan.

At our London escort agency we like to think that our clients can enjoy any type of night out with our beauties. Our London escort dates are not always about staying in and getting intimate. Lots of our clients enjoy the companionship that our stunning London escorts provide. Our girls are chosen not only for their universal physical appeal but also for their bright and bubbly personalities, sense of fun and adventure and enthusiasm to enjoy new experiences. Open minded, vivacious and energetic, they will ensure that your time together is truly memorable for all the right reasons.

Redheads are associated with Scotland and at our London escort agency we have a number of flame haired stunners for clients to spend time with. Our redheads are passionate and playful and ideally suited to a wild night out, or a wild night in if you prefer! Not all our redheads are natural though.. This vibrant hair colour is often chosen by our escorts to express their personalities. Only the most daring and confident choose the copper tones that turn heads and draw attention wherever they go.

Why not visit our London escort galleries and see which of our most beautiful London escorts would be a perfect date for you to enjoy your Burns night out. A quick call to our agency will give you all the information you need to make your booking and you could be looking forward to a wonderful weekend ahead in less than a minute!

Not snow but Golden showers

Most people in the UK love a conversation about weather. It is tried and tested and a wonderful conversation piece if you are stuck in an awkward situation. We love to talk about the heat or the cold and people can become quite animated at the first few flakes of snow. Of course with our recent weather the country has been hyped up into hysteria about a few flakes of snow however the main searches on Google show that we are looking at showers of another kind – the golden kind.

With recent events across the pond, the search for the golden shower has reached new heights. Many people are just searching what it means whilst Pornhub has announced that golden shower videos have been extremely popular this week. The sudden interest is because of a newspaper report that accuses the president-elect of enjoying this pleasure with a group of ladies in the presidential suite hotel and more precisely on a bed that the president before him slept in.

These reports have been rubbished by pretty much everyone however the phrase has sparked the interest of many who did not even know what it was or even that it was a popular fetish at all. Our London escort agency is quite used to requests such as these and it is a term that we are very familiar with. So much so that we actually don’t consider it a fetish at all although we understand that many of the general public who may not be the more adventurous types , would find it so shocking.

At our London escort agency we are all for trying something new  out. It keeps the interest and the excitement alive and if you discover that you don’t love it after all, then you are in no way committed to trying it again. How do you know that you like ice-cream without trying it? All our beautiful London escorts are extremely open minded and non judgemental. They are happy to help their clients discover new excitement every day. Let’s not forget that what is considered to be outrageous by our clients is probably an every day occurrence for our London escorts so no one is going to think any less of you, in fact our London escorts are more likely to be very impressed at your outgoing and imaginative nature than anything else. Intimacy is all about discovery. Finding new things that turn you on can enhance and improve your love life. It can ensure a limitless amount of pleasure and certainly prevent any boredom setting in! When you consider that we get  intimate many times in the course of our adult years so why should we have to simply stick to the same things over again and expect it to be exciting? We eat different meals every day to ward off boredom so why not with our sensual appetites? Certainly if you are in the market for trying something new then a date with any of our gorgeous London escorts should be  the cards for you – just give us a call and we can match you with the most suitable and imaginative escort in our portfolio.

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