What better feeling could there be after a long, stressful day at work than to come home, kick off your shoes and take a big sip of that ice cold wine in your fridge. Nothing, except for the fact that there is no wine in your fridge because left over wine is not something that happens in your house! Cue the shoes back on and regardless of the weather, a trip to the nearest overpriced off license to find that they are (again) out of stock of your top 10 favourites. If only your favourite wine could be waiting for you patiently like the world’s best Labrador only without the hair and the licking.

Garcon wines is a London based company which has that exact solution and they have come up with their wonderfully shaped wine bottles that fit through your letterbox! Subscriptions can be placed from £10 per month so that your favourite bottle(s) of wine can be posted through your door to wait for your return from work. Exciting!

We actually really like this idea and whilst the company admit that their wine choices are not going to be those you would want to store in your wine cellar, most of us just want to down it straight away anyway. We are not buying them for their vintage after all. For anyone wondering the new wine bottles are longer and flatter than the usual rounded shape so that they can fit through your letter box and of course they are plastic and well packaged in a wonderful tamper free box. The subscriptions can be for as many bottle as you desire although of course they will need to be packaged individually otherwise the point of the company is, well, defunct.

There are so many ideas that companies come up with nowadays but few are actually useful to the average Joe or Joanne. This, is definitely a winner and one which we see ourselves using quite a bit! Our local off license owner will certainly feel the pinch but then perhaps he should have thought of that before not caring about stocking our usual choices. Just don’t mix it up with the olive oil as these flat plastic wine bottles are very similar!

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