January Birthdays

January is not known for being the best month to have a birthday. The latter half of December is just a tad less awful in that at least people are feeling a little bit more energised and happy, even if it is just because of Christmas however in January there is little to keep the party atmosphere going.

Most people who have birthdays in January experience a rubbish time. Trying to arrange a party or get together is almost impossible because many are doing ‘dry January’ or simply drying out after the excesses of Christmas and the New year. Gifts are perhaps not quite as lush as they could be because everyone is flat broke and fresh out of ideas and the worst of all are those people who decided that they would combine your birthday gift with your Christmas one so don’t even pretend to make the effort since, in their heads, they have already taken care of it. No wonder Capricorns and Aquarius’s are seen to be a little more grumpy than everyone else!

We have spoken about Blue Monday before and whist it was introduced as being the most miserable day in the annual calendar, there are benefits for those whose Birthdays are in January. Many companies have taken pity and chosen to reward those poor souls with free offers and heavy discounts. Obviously they have an ulterior motive in that they want your group booking to be in their premises or they want you to buy their product but by targeting those who still want to celebrate in January and who still have a legitimate reason to, everyone is happy.

One such company is the Franco Manca Pizza chain. Anyone celebrating their birthday in January is entitled to a free pizza on 16th – Blue Monday. All you have to do is show ID and you get your own freebie feast. There are plenty of Franco Manca outlets across London and some have even started to pop up in other areas of the South east so if you are in the city then there should be one close by. At least it means that you shouldn’t have to battle with transport issues given the fact that there is bound to be one within close proximity.

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