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If you have ever read the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist, you will know that High Barnet or Barnet High Street was where Oliver met The artful Dodger. The famous musical and subsequent classic film never made this clear and most people think that they met in the centre of the square mile. Barnet at the time was a place known to most Londoners as having a high concentration of inns and public houses and so, at the time, associated and undesirable industries were situated close by.

Ladies of the night, gambling dens and of course rogues and ruffians were aplenty in this part of Northwest London so it was a natural setting for the classic novel. This is odd to think of the area in this way when today, it is known to be one of the most affluent and wealthy areas in Greater London. Agency Barracuda’s Barnet escorts consider themselves to be living and working in a highly desirable area of the capital, even though most residents still prefer to think of themselves as living in Hertfordshire.

The History of Barnet

Barnet has many local public services which are named after James Ravenscroft. He was a local man of great wealth in the area during the 17th century. He founded many charities and was deemed to be a well thought of benefactor and so local parks, schools and charities bear his name. Our Barnet escorts have been to Ravenscroft Park and some have even been to the old Ravenscroft school before it amalgamated with another school and renamed.

Barnet is not the official name of the area. Chipping Barnet is the full historical name, which was a reference to the weekly market charter that was given by the King in 1199 – but the name Barnet is old English for Baernet, or ‘burnt clearing’. At the end of the dark ages most areas outside the square mile of the city were still heavily forested and Barnet was one of them.

Meeting your Escort in Barnet

Barnet today still has plenty of pubs as it is in the days of Charles Dickens, although the area has been gentrified somewhat and visitors will have no worries about any local vagabonds or ruffians! Indeed lots of places are ideal for our clients and Barnet escorts to meet. There are wine bars and cocktail bars as well as plenty of restaurants and bistros to spend the evening, although if you are looking for a little more intimacy we thoroughly recommend enjoying an incall with our local escorts in Barnet. Our girls are always here to show you their favourite parts of the area and will stop at nothing to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your time together – whatever it may entail. Simply browse our gallery of Barnet escorts here and call Agency Barracuda to secure your booking!