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Revel in the Riches of a Real Russian Escort Today!

Many men and women alike claim their country boasts the most beautiful women in the world – but it is in Russia where that statement really has meaning. Because, judging by our current selection of Russian escorts, we definitely don’t have any problem with that description, at all. Tall and raven-haired, slim, blonde and blue-eyed, large-breasted or slender – we have a true selection of lovely Russian ladies to tempt you here at Agency Barracuda. And tempted you most certainly will be. Here is why, for starters:

Russian escorts London – appearance!

But why are Russian women so gorgeous, you might wonder. Well, one almost universal trait amongst young Russian females, in particular, is their high cheek bones. Then there is their statuesque height – Russian women tend to be taller than other nationalities.

And, of course, a tall body in a female means lovely long legs. And who doesn’t love a long, slim and shapely leg – especially in a short slinky dress or tight pencil skirt? You only have to look at the gorgeous tennis player Anna Kournikova to see exactly what we mean!

The typical Russian escort beauty has long red or chestnut hair tumbling over her shoulders and down her back. But you will also find blonde beauties with Russian genes. A bit like the selection from a chocolate box really – there is so much deliciousness there to choose from them. And it’s not just in looks…would you prefer a soft or hard centre?

Russian escorts London – character!

Here at London escort Agency Barracuda, we have found that many of our beautiful escorts end up choosing a dominatrix escort life-style. The reason for this is simply that they are so good at it. It is within character for a Russian lady not to take any nonsense, you see. In fact, between couples it is often the female who gives, rather than takes stick. She likes to be the one in charge.

And, much to the delight of their clients, many of our Russian escorts enjoy adopting the dominant role in their escort dating relationship too. Some women, of course, enjoy taking it to extremes and which is where our dominatrix Russian escort types come into it.

Clad in black or red PVC and typically yielding a whip, belt or some other instrument of ‘punishment’ they are amongst our most sought-after ladies when it comes to bookings. Many have their own abodes where they like to entertain clients and where some of their ‘torture toys’ can be found.

Russian escorts London – health!

Eastern Europe – and Russia in particular, is famous for its athletes. And if it’s stamina you are after in a woman then you can be sure that each and every one of our lovely girls can come up with the goods in that department. Many of these lovely ladies are proud of their fitness and strength, frequenting the gym fixedly – mostly on an almost daily basis.

This means, of course, that their sculpted bodies are toned pretty much to perfection. This isn’t surprising though, since like all girls who work with us, our Russian escorts are aware that their figure is quite literally their fortune.

Russian escorts London – personality!

Our ladies love to laugh a lot. And party. In fact, you will often find them at some society party or major sponsorship evening.

Maybe you have even met them before incognito? It certainly wouldn’t surprise us. That is because the organisers of corporate events in the city often hire our ladies to enliven their proceedings. They are aware of just how much our beautiful young ladies, in their entrancing and sparkling evening wear, will add glamour and sophistication to what can often be a rather staid event.

And some of these corporate nights definitely require some eye candy to enliven the proceedings, especially those droll male dominated business nights. Actually, not that we are complaining – our lovely ladies have just as much fun as the men there!

Russian escorts London – book one today!

Would you like to meet with one of our gorgeous Russian escorts personally? If so, then do feel free to get in touch with us at 07912 673 063 or email [email protected]. We look forward to meeting with you…

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