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Sometimes bigger is just simply better! With the gorgeous London escorts in this gallery, a gentleman who prefers the more busty escort in London will have a field day as he now has an amazing choice of new companions to deliberate over. Our busty beauties simply describes the fact that these stunners have had a little extra help in the breast department although as you can see some have been more generously assisted than others! If you are a fan of the more buxom beauty and have no preference as to whether this is achieved through mother nature or not then these are the ultra busty London escorts to choose for your London date.

We have created a separate area for our busty escort girls who have had a little help as some gentlemen state that they prefer to spend time with a buxom beauty who is all natural whilst others do not have a preference – the bigger the better – but in the interests of transparency and to ensure that our clients are in full receipt of all the facts, we have gathered all our augmented stunners together so that there is no confusion whatsoever.

There used to be a time when bust augmentation was something to be kept quiet and secret but with the advance of modern science most breast enhancements are done so well that it is almost impossible to know. Of course the main consideration for a woman is to increase the size of her bust however considerations are also made to the shape and feel of the inserts as most women want their breasts to feel as natural as possible. The most sought after surgeons use their skills and expertise so that the look and feel of the breasts are so natural to the eye and to the touch that it would be extremely unusual to realise that mother nature had been given a helping hand. Even so, our London escort agency never wants clients to feel like they had been mislead and this is why we highlight the fact when one of our high class and elite London escorts has opted to add to what nature bestowed upon her.

Firm, rounded and full breasts are distinctive feminine features that both men and women appreciate. The hour glass figure is complemented by ample charms and simply makes a woman feel sexier. It is therefore likely to make her much more responsive and less inhibited. At Agency Barracuda, a lack of inhibitions is a feature that all of our busty London escorts are blessed with regardless of whether they are naturally busty or not so if it increases the intensity of the date – then who are we to argue?

Boob ops as they are sometimes known, are sometimes taken to extremes especially in the world of adult actresses and porn stars. Some women make their names based on the size of their charms although in these rare cases you can sometimes have too much of a good thing! Rather than become a caricature of themselves, certainly with our elite London escorts, our busty escorts who have benefitted from breast augmentation surgery have chosen to take the more natural looking option to quite literally boost the blessings they already had rather than make them a feature all of their own!

As you can see each of our breathtaking beauties is the very epitome of femininity and their busty charms only make them all the more desirable and sensually appealing. Whilst it is not all about the size of their charms, being well blessed in this department and having generous assets does have an effect on sensuality and even personality. A shy woman can suddenly turn into an exhibitionist if she feels confident about herself so helping nature can have all round benefits too.

If you have a penchant for busty London escorts then do not limit yourself to the all-natural busty escorts as you could be missing out on an encounter with a confident, striking stunner whose new found feminine confidence will benefit your encounter as well as her figure!

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