Domination escorts offer a unique service unlike any other intimate encounter. Sometimes known as dominatrix or Mistress services, the domination escort is the woman to whom you submit control of the encounter and allow yourself the freedom to simply react to her ministrations. Many gentlemen hide a secret fantasy they rarely get the opportunity to fulfil. One that requires them to play a more submissive role to the more dominant woman who is happy to take charge and direct the encounter in any way she wants. Many men see this as a forbidden fantasy, almost a taboo and so the chance to realise these deeply buried desires is one not to be missed.

Our domination escorts are highly skilled and extremely erotic in their looks and their actions. Who wouldn’t want to relinquish the control to such a strict and demanding stunner especially when she is clad in PVC or leather with thigh high leather boots and brandishing equipment to reinforce your subservience. Domination is not about fear but about anticipation and surprise. With many men living such demanding and pressured lives the chance to let someone else take the reins of power is one not to be missed. Relax and let our domination or mistress escorts bend you to their will , within your agreed boundaries of course, and in doing so they will help you reach the heady heights of desire previously unreachable to you.

Kinky fun is something one should explore at least once and with our adventurous and authentic domination escorts it is likely that you will be back for more of your own free will. Your chosen Mistress escort will have you begging for more instead of mercy as she brandishes you with her own unique set of skills and creative sense of pleasure. How deep you want to take it is entirely up to you but rest assured if you want to enjoy something a little more sinfully seductive the our ladies have all the imagination and accessories you could ever need.

Our Domination Escorts will fulfil that long held desire to experience an extreme mix of pain, anticipation and pleasure that you crave. You will thoroughly enjoy exploring your darkest desires with our infinitely beautiful London escorts. Unlike lifestyle mistresses and professional dominatrix our escorts understand the fundamentals of fulfilment in that submission should lead to the ultimate reward of release and when your mistress escort deems you are ready she will ensure that all your pent up emotions and desires are released in a crescendo of pleasure and satisfaction.

Sinful pleasure and erotic fulfilment is available with all our domination escorts above. If you have any special fantasies or role play ideas then do speak to one of our experienced team at the point of booking your encounter so that your chosen strict mistress can set the scene and prepare for your pleasure accordingly. Pleasurable and convincing domination is a art form which is practised to perfection by our domination escorts above.

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