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Make Time for one of our 30/45mins Escorts

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to spare a whole hour in an evening or afternoon. Our businessmen types in particular always seem to be running between meetings and conferences with very little time to spare. And this is why they find our 30/45mins Escorts in London service ideal. They can meet up with a beautiful girl for a quick drink and chat in order to help them destress in between work commitments.

Most of our lovely ladies in London offer this ‘snatched service’ so it’s just a case of choosing which particular beauty you like. Oh, and making sure she is within a location speedy enough to get there for you, if it’s a last-minute thing you’re after.

Top London escort locations

We have, for instance, girls located in the west end of the capital. Think Sloane Square escorts, Bayswater escorts, Earl’s Court escorts and Mayfair escorts. But then, if your conference or meeting happens to be in say, the City, for instance, then we can help out too. That’s because we also have gorgeous gals working as Euston escorts. In fact, we’re pretty accommodating really, regardless of where in the city you happen to be heading for.

Where to take your 30 mins top london escort

Well, you’re certainly not desperate for cosy, intimate little bistros or airy pub gardens in the capital. Then again, perhaps you might fancy a stroll in one of the capital’s many beautiful parks?

Perfect in spring and summer! What we’re trying to say is that you are not in the least limited and nine times out of ten our ladies will be happy to accompany you. It gets them a bit of exercise too!

Why choose an Agency Barracuda escort?

We don’t believe we will have to do much persuading when you pop onto our gallery page. Our beautiful girls mainly hail from Russia. Sexy, raunchy, tall and perhaps sometimes demanding… our girls are the perfect companion for dining, theatre-going and partying with.

Many of our lovely ladies are former models in their homeland. Some still embark on part time modelling careers while here in the capital. Others may be studying or simply enjoying being in a less-repressive culture. Regardless of why they are here, we are sure you’ll find them entertaining and fascinating to spend time with.

What can I expect from a first-time escort?

We are presuming that, because you asked the question, this is your first time with an escort in London. If so, you will probably – and understandably – be a little nervous. Well, there really is no need to be. Our beautiful girls are trained in a range of de-stressing techniques – one of which involves simply chatting.

Sit down, have a drink with your London escort and gradually unwind as time goes on. Perhaps that is all you want to do on your first meeting – simply chat. Go away and think about your encounter then next time you meet tell her what you like. Much as they are incredibly talented, none of our lovelies can call themselves a mind reader, after all! Just take your time and get to know her; there’s absolutely no rush – in fact, often the build-up is far more exciting. You will also be able to while away many pleasurable hours dreaming up what to do on your next encounter.

How to book a 30/45mins Escort in London

It isn’t the booking of a 30-minute escort that can be difficult. In fact, that is rather easy. All you have to do is take a look through the girls in our gallery at Then, after you have chosen the girl that really stands out for you, pick up the phone and call us. Tel: 07912 673 063. You can also email us for availability and to set up a date at [email protected].

No, the difficult part of the whole process is having to leave your lovely lady after a mere 30 minutes or so. We are convinced that you will be so entranced with her by then that you won’t want to leave. Instead, you will be begging that irresistible escort of yours to stay for another 30 minutes…you have been warned!

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