Yoni Beer

The woman making sourdough bread with her own, um, personal bacteria was a bit of a turn off however it hasn’t seemed to have put off vagina themed start-up ‘The order of Yoni’ who have created a beer using the vaginal bacteria of a Czech model which promises to ‘capture the essence of femininity’, well of this particular female anyway. If you are not already convinced then the makers claims that the beer has ‘no vaginal smell or taste’, but it has been ‘flavoured with instincts’ and brewed with the model’s ‘lure’ and ‘grace’ should be enough to have you rushing to your nearest bar to order a bottle.  Unfortunately the beer is not yet in full production but is seeking donations through its Indiegogo campaign. Plans for other niche beers including BDSM beers, blonde or brunette beers are in the making and for a rather large donation of 10,000 Euros the company will even make a beer using your own girlfriends personal secretions – how romantic!

Not entirely sure how we feel about this on the one hand it’s ‘eurgh’ but on the other its strangely seductive although we don’t believe that the true sense of a woman is available through beer form. To fully appreciate all that a sensual and attractive woman has to offer, one has to spend intimate times with her and enjoy the full sense of her personality and seductive wiles. Yoni beer may be the next best thing but we already know the best thing and that is time spent with our sensational London escorts. Like ‘The order of Yoni’ we know that many of our clients have a preference for blondes or brunettes or redheads. BDSM is an adventure in itself however none of these delights can be fully appreciated in a glass (or a bottle) so to fully experience the pleasures that one’s delights can bring only a date with our sensational London escorts will do. Better than that, our version of pleasure is available right now and doesn’t involve such a large donation!

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