Too old for Lego?

Lego has always been one of the most popular Christmas presents for kids for decades but not just kids, adults too. With collectors sets being sold, these are not toys that are played with or even removed from their boxes, if you received a collectors Millennium Falcon set back on 2007, you could now get a whopping £2,700 for it – almost 8 times as much as it cost and that’s not all, if you happened to have the ‘Café Corner’ model hotel which was first available back in 2007 also, it is now worth an eye watering £2,096 – not bad for an initial purchase of £96. Not as eye watering as stepping on bits of Lego in the dark in bare feet though as any parent will tell you!

If you didn’t get Lego for Christmas, and not many adults were likely to, let’s face it, there are more adult ways to express your creativity and our amazing London escorts can help you unleash your more creative side!

We have stunning beauties available in all areas of London and now Internationally too, so if you are lamenting your lack of forethought in picking the most lucrative gifts for yourself all those years ago you can at least console yourself with the fact that you can now make much better choices and ones that will leave you with memories that will outlast any toy – no matter how valuable it becomes.

If you are keen to build your investments, then forget Gold, which has seen an increase of only 9.6%, Lego is now the new Gold with increases of over 2000% since the year 2000. There is actually a website – ‘brickpicker’ which tells you the best pieces to invest in – a little like our own website – which tells you the best London escorts to invest your energies in! Whilst your financial investments may not increase, your personal investment in yourself certainly will. Call Agency Barracuda on 07912673063

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