Thats why the French are so damned sexy!

New research out today reveals that apparently a hint of garlic will make a man smell more masculine and attractive. Sexual selection is driven by our senses and the research backed this up when women were given pads of male body odour to smell and decide which smelt more masculine and which were more attractive. The pads which had come from men who had eaten 12gramms of garlic the night before were unanimously deemed as more desirable than those who had abstained from eating the bulb. So forget the expensive aftershave, it’s 4 cloves of garlic that you really need!

Once you get past the hyped up headlines there is some science to this fact. Garlic has many positive health benefits for which we have evolved to always seek out the best and strongest sexual partner so the faint odour of garlic suggests to a woman’s subconscious that the man is virile, healthy and strong. Everything a woman could want in her sexual partner of course.

Now, with this news, there is the danger that some men will go overboard and if you are planning on travelling on the tube the next day it is unlikely to result in women falling at your feet as you hold onto the overhead rails. More likely you will get a seat as everyone keeps a safe distance so perhaps use this information sparingly and for special occasions only – garlic capsules also have the same effect without the negative bad breath which is never a turn on in any sexual research!

Perhaps this is why the French man is deemed to be seductive and sexy. It has nothing to do with his accent or charm and everything to do with his choice of dinners. Not everyone agrees and so this information should be used cautiously, especially when planning a date with one of our beautiful London escorts. Strong body odour is never a turn on so perhaps experiment on days that do not involve your beautiful escort in London.

Thats why the French are so damned sexy!

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