Someone deconstruct the hipsters!

Hipsterism has gone too far when a simple order for a black coffee comes through looking like a science experiment – complete with test tube and beaker! The trend to make everything ‘trendy’ has been creeping over the world for the last couple of years but now it is time to say NO! Just like the ‘man-bun’ hipsters have had their day and anyone caught ‘deconstructing’ anything should be sent to Shoreditch, and never allowed out.  The days of spaghetti bolognaise on a sheet of glass have gone and whilst it may have been slightly amusing at first, it is now downright annoying.  Londoners have been particularly subjected to this form of trendy presentation. At every café and street food stall we have endured our food being served half cooked and presented on anything other than a plate – one café decided to serve up their side salad in a garden trowel and biscuits in a slipper. NO!

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