Snooze you lose!

The snooze button is not our friend. So easily ignored, if you can hit that button quick enough then it won’t disrupt your beautiful sleep however for those of us who find it difficult getting up in the morning this new kick-starter invention could be the answer to our prayers.

If you have ever hit the snooze button five, six or more times and still ended up leaping out of bed 20 minutes late and swearing at everything that does not does not move then the ‘Ruggie’ alarm clock could be perfect for you. It is not actually a clock, well not in the traditional sense of the word, but a rug that you place beside your bed and it is a persistent little thing in that it will not go off until you place both feet firmly on it for a full 3 seconds. Now, the science behind this is quite clever, apparently it take sour brain 3 seconds to actually come out of a snooze and so sitting on the edge of your bed for 3 seconds should remove the temptation to fall back to sleep. Clever huh!

Of course you could just be an adult about it and get up the first time you hear your alarm but where is the fun in that. To make the ‘Ruggie’ seem a little friendlier, you can even record your own riveting message to spur you on for the day. The team at Ruggie give some examples of ‘Ready to kick some ass? C’mon you can do it, do it now.’ Which all seems very enthusiastic for a dark January morning, we feel that perhaps statements like ‘ you have a date with an Agency Barracuda escort tonight’ might be better inspiration but each to their own.

If you book an overnight date with any of our top elite london escorts it’s unlikely you will need an alarm in the morning, the thought of your beauty leaving you without something to remember her by will be enough to have you wide awake and standing to attention with no trouble! The only way you will find out is if you give us a call, snooze you lose!

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