Pagan pleasures

The Summer solstice is just days away bringing us the longest day of the year. Many people flock to the ancient Neolithic stone circles where they will celebrate the fact that the sun is at its highest point for the entire year. There are many beliefs and ancient traditions that are linked to the solstice and many of them revolve around fertility rites and other pagan beliefs. The ancient traditions have been diluted somewhat with lots of people simply focusing on the physical pleasure of bodies together rather than the original fertility meanings behind the acts.

Whatever your beliefs, Summer Solstice is a great time in which to enjoy a sensual and erotic encounter with any of our beautiful London escorts. Even though you may not be able to get out to any of the stone circle monoliths you can still mark the event in your own way and what better way than to relinquish your earthly encumbrances and set your spiritual sensuality free.

Our high class London escorts embrace anything that is adventurous and exotic and the old pagan traditions certainly fall into these categories. Whilst we wouldn’t expect any sacrificial ceremonies – this would be deemed as going a bit far and not socially ‘au fait’ in somewhere like Chelsea however you can still mark the date with a little erotic freedom in the comfort of your own home or indeed the luxury home of any of our beautiful VIP escorts.

For those who prefer not to get into any pagan like behaviour, the Summer Solstice is a day when the sun remains in the sky for the longest period throughout the year. Sunset on Monday 20th June is set for 10.35 pm so lots of time to enjoy your favourite past times before its time to think about the next day.  Call our high class London escort agency to make a date with any of our elite escort sin London and spend that time doing things you enjoy the best.

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